A landlord who’s been waiting for a court to hear his application to evict a drug-dealing tenant for more than a year fears his case could be further delayed due to a lack of police co-operation, he has told LandlordZONE.

CCTV captured the woman letting people into her flat in his serviced accommodation property which was raided by police in 2019.

During subsequent raids, she appeared to be involved in County Lines drugs activities.

The landlord finally managed to get a closure order in August 2020, which flushed out London drug dealers visiting the property, but he says people still regularly turn up to buy drugs, upsetting neighbours.

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After serving both a Section 21 and Section 8 notice in October, he finally has a review hearing on Monday, but has struggled to get a police statement that supports his case.


He tells LandlordZONE: “They’ve promised to send it since the beginning of March but when I finally got one, it only talked about how vulnerable the tenant was and just said we, ‘felt intimidated by the environment’.

It doesn’t mention the anguish we’ve been going through for nearly two years. It’s impacted our business as it’s effectively closed me down, as well as our mental health.”

The landlord is now desperately trying to get the police to provide a more thorough statement and says if they don’t, he won’t bother submitting it to the court.

“It might suggest that I’m making things up in my statement as I’ve provided so much more detail in my report. However, without it, I don’t think it will be enough for the judge to make a decision. I feel so let down – it’s a real slap in the face.”

Please note: The landlord was only happy to talk to LandlordZONE anonymously until his eviction is over.


  1. This unfortunate fact is happening all around Europe. You won’t see these kind of difficulties in the US.

    Laws here favour tenants even if they’re criminals. Don’t even want to mention squater’s movement. How is that possible?

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  3. I had the same issue…. Luckily for me he assaulted two of them and then they then switched to my side. You are wasting your time with police otherwise. The law does not protect landlords from scum unfortunately.

  4. Unfortunatly for you the plod probably prefer her where she is because they can keep tabs on her once she is moved on they then have the problem of tracking her down and it all starts again

  5. Somebody nip round and tell Shelter they’re barking up the wrong tree when they tell the media that landlords keep evicting tenants with the greatest of ease. We’ve never yet had a nice easy by-the-book eviction, whether its for druggies, damage, arrears, or anything. Not that one would bother evicting a decent tenant, as they are the paying customer one requires. The police would not do anything about a cannabis factory in one of our properties because it was too small! But it is still illegal and in breach of tenancy! What is WRONG with this blasted country?

  6. I house I used to own had a similar problem when a good tenant of many years became an addict, stopped paying rent, got anti-social behaviour complaints from all the neighbours, had her child taking into care and moved a drug dealer in. Attempts to get a possession order through the courts kept getting chucked out because she was a vulnerable person etc etc and the house was trashed. After about 18 months of this the bailiffs finally removed them. But that night they just broke in and moved back in. Repairing doors, changing locks etc had no effect then they tried to break in whilst my ex was in the house assessing the damage after another new door. She phoned the police who came and arrested the tenant but released her without charge as they said she hadn’t taken anything!

  7. A friend of mine evicted a tenant who returned & burnt the house to the ground. No one charged as no evidence – but then again there was no investigation. She didn’t push it as she thought her own home might be next.


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