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Landlords exiting PRS drives 35% rise in Section 21 'no fault' evictions

Shelter has urged the government to make scrapping Section 21 a priority after new Ministry of Justice data showed a 41% rise in the number of households removed from their homes in England due to no-fault evictions.

Between April and June, 2,228 households were evicted under Section 21 accelerated procedure repossessions by county court bailiffs, up from 1,578 in the same quarter last year. 

Private landlords started 7,491 court claims to evict their tenants under Section 21 this quarter, up 35% in a year.

The Renters (Reform) Bill has been slow to progress through Parliament and Shelter wants the government to prioritise this when MPS returns from recess in September.  

paul sowerbutts

Paul Sowerbutts (pictured), Head of Legal at Landlord Action, says: "Scrapping Sectrion 21 without due process would be a knee jerk reaction.

"Whilst some landlords are struggling due to interest rate rises many are only to aware of the difficulties their tenants face wanting to keep good tenants.

"An historic ban like this needs to be carefully considered in terms of what takes its place. It is in everyones interest that this is properly debated so the correct balance is struck as there may not be another opportunity to consider this for a generation. Legislate in haste, repent at leisure."

Leave the market

Chris Norris (pictured), policy director for the NRLA, says: “The NRLA wants to see every tenancy sustained wherever possible.

“However, growing numbers of landlords seeking to repossess properties comes at a time when increasing numbers are deciding to sell up and leave the market.”

Abuse the system

polly shelter

Shelter chief executive Polly Neate (pictured) says landlords can too easily use and abuse the current system.

“Some will hike up the rent and if their tenants can’t pay, they will slap them with a no-fault eviction notice and find others who can,” she adds.

“We speak to renters all the time who feel like they have zero control over their own lives because the threat of eviction is constantly hanging over them.

“The moment Parliament resumes, the government must get rid of no-fault evictions which have made the prospect of a stable home little more than a fantasy for England’s 11 million private renters.” 


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