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Landlords encouraged to sell this month as property prices rise by 0.2%

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In a market where interest rates are sky high, tax bills are extortionate and mortgage payments are higher than rents, coupled with a backlog of refurb costs and difficult tenant situations, landlords are rushing to cash in and sell their property portfolios.

If you were a landlord on the fence about whether or not it’s a good time to sell, this month’s stats are the window we all needed to take action.

The market has been falling. Figures show that the current property market is 4% below what it was last year. Put simply, we cannot afford to let it drop further. Landlords need to sell, and fast, to get as much money back as possible whilst they still can. It couldn’t have come at a better time, therefore, that this month’s blip might be the window we all needed to cash in.

This week, property expert Kate Faulkner reported that we’re currently experiencing a 0.2% market rise this month. If we needed a sign, this is it. But how do we take advantage of this window to get the highest price for our portfolios? And who’s the best company to sell now, and fast, for the best possible price?

That’s where Landlord Sales Agency come in. We’re proven experts at selling landlord portfolios, fast and higher than the current market rate. In the last year alone, over 200 LandlordZONE landlords reached out to us at Landlord Sales Agency to sell their buy-to-lets. Of those landlords, the average time it took for Landlord Sales Agency to sell was below 28 days. Twice as fast as the current market, and for higher prices.

We do exactly what we say we'll do, and with a huge database of over 30,000 private buyers who get notified of our deals via text message as soon as you get in touch with us to sell, we're selling properties faster than anyone else.

But what about tenanted properties? Many landlords are worried about tenants holding them back, you don't need to. That's where we excel the most. Because our company is owned by a landlord, myself, David Coughlin, I've gathered the best team in the country to help solve all my tenant issues, and I personally use that same team for you.

In fact, we go above and beyond to sell tenanted properties. We're so confident we'll get you a high price for all of your properties, fast, we have no problem helping tenants pay their current rents, pay off arrears, pay for them to relocate and in some cases, even pay their rent in advance for the next landlord who takes your property on. For very difficult cases, we've got the best relationships with local councils across the UK allowing us to get councils to pay rent for tenants, clear any outstanding funds they owe you and even have the councils pay off all their legal costs.

For houses with stubborn survey issues, we bring on board our entire building team and housing networks to resolve every single problem, ensuring that sales don't fall out of bed, and that landlords like you don't have to take a big drop in price.

It’s as straightforward as that. No hassle, no nonsense. We get landlord properties sold.

Get in touch and let us do it for you.

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