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Landlord warns: "sell now” as Government urged to further reduce PRS

In a worrying turn of events this week, The Guardian reported alarming news for landlords who might still be holding on to their property portfolios.

It heralded “The end of landlords” with the suggestion that Government should start to veer towards a “surprisingly simple solution to the UK housing crisis” which could see them squeeze landlords further, blaming them for the current housing crisis affecting home-buyers.

It’s yet another blow as we reach the end of Q1 for 2024. CEO of Landlord Sales Agency and private landlord, David Coughlin weighed in on landlords who were still undecided about whether or not to sell their portfolios:

“If you’d have asked me three years ago whether or not it was worth selling, I’d have said, maybe sell the lowest income properties, and keep your best ones to streamline the portfolio, but things are changing by the day. Being a landlord is becoming more trouble than it’s worth. There are other ways to make money, and we need to start taking that very seriously.

It's clear many landlords are thinking the same, with figures showing that for Landlord Sales Agency alone, over 250 landlords per month have been reaching out to sell their portfolios before Government measures and even higher taxes are brought in.

“The time to sell is now. I’ve been saying that for a while now, but this time it’s serious. We should take this week’s news as a warning shot. It’s the calm before the storm, and we still have time to get out.”

Landlord Sales Agency might well be the solution, and there’s a reason a rush of landlords have been approaching them to sell.

Comprised of a team of the UK property industry’s leaders, they’ve developed a reputation for being the number portfolio exit company for landlords looking to sell.

“We’re able to take entire portfolios off your hands, or sell individually, no matter what the tenant situation is, or the condition of the properties. Connecting your buy-to-lets with our database of over 30,000 private buyers, a network of nationwide estate agents, local agents, and – if you need even more offers – our own private buying fund. Our process generates a bidding war to drive up prices to ensure you’re getting the price you want. Most of our properties sell within 21 days.

We’ll also manage the entire sale for you. We know that right now landlords are more stressed than ever before. That’s no problem for us. All you have to do is get in touch, and we’ll manage the entire protect for you including negotiating with tenants, creating video tours of your properties and even funding refurbs to get you higher prices, depending on the property. On top of that, we have a team of builders who can jump in and help and we’re happy to take on the costs – no problem, we’ll simply make those costs back on the sale.

While landlords still need to be realistic on price – it’s a tough market out there - we’re extremely confident that we can get you what you need to exit the market before the bills start mounting.”

The results speak for themselves, with landlords more than happy to share their reviews of the service. “One landlord came to us with a portfolio of 14 houses in Liverpool. We’ve sold 6 with tenants in within 28days, with the remaining properties in negotiation and on course to sell. On another, we sold 3 properties in Kent – at the prices they wanted - with tenants in situ.”

Landlord Sales Agency can sell any property, in any condition, and critically they’re able to sell fast.

We’re in uncertain times, and for landlords looking for solutions, this is a welcome way out.

It’s time to recoup costs, sell up and reinvest in more stable industries.

Landlord Sales Agency are here to help. All you need to do is get in touch.


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