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Landlord slammed for 'telling truth' about evictions on Good Morning Britain

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Outspoken landlord Tina Knight has incurred the wrath of social media users by outlining the sector's eviction headaches on Good Morning Britain.

She told presenters Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley that tenants have too much power and described some landlords' problems when trying to evict for non-payment of rent.

'[Only] until they have not paid for two months and then if you start proceedings, you are looking at legal costs between �3,000 and �4,000,'� she said.

'They play the game and they have learnt they can make it run until at least six months, and they get six months' rent free, they get evicted and start the process again. They normally only end up paying rent twice a month in a year and they are professional people that do that.'�

Saffron Walden-based Knight added: 'The whole point is, that if there are areas where people are vandalising your property which many landlords put up with, you can't get them out.'�

Honest views

Her honest views sparked strong opinions from @dinkydip who tweeted: 'Good grief this landlord is a tad out of touch!! Raise interest rates as the poor old landlords aren't making much in their pension pots???? What?? #gmb.'�

However, she did get some support from Stuart McKinnon who tweeted: 'Tina, I sort of agree. And I'm a tenant. They need to have a scum landlord on the show. Cheat TV show about nothing. #GMB.'�

Knight has form making headlines; she has previously appeared on GMB to explain why she thought those who worked from home worked fewer hours and were sending the wrong message to their children.

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