“As soon as my employer’s London office closed in March and I moved back to the family home in Cheshire, I knew I wouldn’t be using my flat in Chelsea,” explains landlord Philip Hillman, “so I called the managing agent and asked if they could offer it to someone deserving for free.”

Managing agent Altido had just become involved in the Homes for NHS scheme and, within 48 hours, had found Philip an NHS tenant – a medical researcher at one of the London hospitals who wasn’t able to stay at home with her vulnerable parent.

He, like many of Altido’sclients, is part of the initiative, hooking up medical staff with free accommodation so they can stay nearer hospitals during the COVID-19 outbreak.

A chartered surveyor, Philip has rented out his one-bedroom Chelsea mews flat for the last three years, spending a few days there each week.

But during the lockdown he’s been working and joining in with community groups, delivering meals and shopping for those isolating in his village.

He says: “In the village there’s a direct way of helping people and coming together as a community, but it’s harder to do that in London.

“To have this set-up was great and made me feel I was part of something – I could help someone focus their energies on getting an important job done.”

Utility bills

He waived his NHS tenant’s utility bills during her stay where she was free to use his Amazon TV and Netflix accounts.

“She sent me two emails saying how grateful she was, which was nice, but I felt it was only fair to keep to the spirit of the enterprise.”

And although he was happy for her to stay on, after two months, the researcher is moving out this weekend, and a commercial tenant is moving in. He adds: “It’s been an easy experience and I’d be happy to do the same again if there’s ever a need.”


  1. Great that this particular LL has been in a financial position to offer free accommodation.
    I can’t afford to do so.
    I have a vacant flat centrally located
    NO WAY would I offer it to ANY NHS worker for free.

    Principally because I can’t afford it!!

    Most LL can’t afford to be charities.

    Unfortunately this criminal Govt is forcing many LL to provide accommodation for free as they have banned any evictions by the LL.

    They won’t be able to prevent lenders from evicting.

    Tenants will be evicted and homeless as well as LL who will be bankrupted by repossession.


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