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Landlord tells tenants: 'no old people, no overnight visitors, no drinking'

spareroom landlord advert

A man has been dubbed “the world’s strictest landlord” for telling would-be tenants that they can’t have anyone staying the night have a drink.

Advertised on SpareRoom (main picture) as a recently refurbished new-build home in Cramlington, near Newcastle, the landlord’s two double rooms are “appropriate for full-time professionals primarily and students looking for a calming and relaxing atmosphere”.

CCTV has been installed outside “for safety” while his unusual condition about tenants’ private lives also comes with the rule that they can’t bring alcohol into the house.

The landlord boasts that the three-bedroom house share – with garden and shared living room – is equipped with a new and fully applianced kitchen including a fridge-freezer, washing machine and dryer with plenty of space for storage, and the fastest Wi-Fi currently on the market.

Under 30

The two remaining rooms on offer both cost £500 a month, have either a bathroom or shower and toilet, with bills included. He has also specified that new tenants could be any gender, non-smoking and ideally under 30, the advert says.

A spokesman for SpareRoom told Metro: “This room has been advertised by a homeowner who lives in the property so, within reason of course, the house rules are up to them.

“Both of these are fairly common in set ups where someone is renting out a room in their home, but we’d always prefer the advertiser to explain why they have these rules, this will help a prospective lodger decide whether it’s the right place for them.

“For example, saying ‘I don’t drink, so would prefer a lodger who also doesn’t’ makes things clearer.”