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Labour to 'go further than Tories' with harsher Decent Homes Standard


Labour has promised to ramp up the pressure on private landlords by introducing a legally binding 'Decent Homes Standard 2'.

Its latest draft policy programme 'a provisional blueprint likely to shape the next general election manifesto' includes a proposal to take the government's planned Decent Homes Standard further, although Labour's vision is light on detail.

Expected as part of the imminent Renters' Reform Bill, the Decent Homes Standard would ensure PRS properties are free from serious health and safety hazards.

Landlords would also be expected to keep homes in a good state of repair, so renters have clean, appropriate and useable facilities.


Labour's policy programme reiterates its plan to fundamentally reform the private rented sector, giving tenants greater security through a powerful new renters' charter, which will include longer-term tenancies as standard, the right to reasonable alterations, ending Section 21 'no fault' evictions and introducing a national register of landlords.

The party would also consult on how best to ensure tenancies are affordable and the effective implementation of no-fault evictions.

Other draft Labour policies include a promise to upgrade every home that needs it to EPC standard C within a decade by installing energy-saving measures such as loft insulation in locally delivered programmes, by giving local authorities the power and resources.

It has also set the target of a 70% homeownership rate by helping first-time buyers onto the housing ladder with a new, comprehensive mortgage guarantee scheme as well as bringing the leasehold system to an end.

Raising stamp duty paid by foreign individuals, trusts and companies when they buy UK residential property is another proposal.

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