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Labour plugs cheap loans for FTBs to stop landlords 'getting homes first'

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Labour's housing spokesman Lisa Nandy is pushing her plans for a mortgage guarantee scheme as a way to improve the lot of tenants in the PRS.

The Shadow Secretary for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities' new Twitter video features unhappy renters praising Nandy for her plan to introduce such a scheme - designed to allow homebuyers to access cheaper loans - which the party claims would help deliver a huge increase in home ownership under a future Labour government.

Leader Keir Starmer has previously announced that a scheme would mean there would be 'no more buy-to-let landlords or second homeowners getting in first'�.

In Nandy's new video, one renter says: 'My experience of renting hasn't been good. Like everyone else, I've experienced the same things of rogue landlords and rogue agents.

"I would support Labour's plans to encourage a mortgage guarantee scheme as most private renters in London are now paying rent that would cover a mortgage.'�

Another complains: 'I can't get in touch with my landlord, they never want to do anything that might involve a little bit of money on their side.'�


Nandy explains that far too many people are powerless over their own home. She adds: 'That's why a Labour government will tilt the balance of power towards tenants with new rights and protections for renters.'�

A Labour government aims to hand new powers to metro mayors and local council leaders that would allow them to freeze rents, according to Nandy, who has promised a big review of the private rental sector if it wins the next general election.

A white paper to make renting fairer, more secure and more affordable would be published within the first 100 days, as it seeks to give tenants more choice and control over their homes.

Photo credit: Sky News.


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