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January sees a new surge of landlords selling their portfolios for higher prices than 2023

There’s good news for landlords who have postponed selling their rental properties despite falling profits and new legislation making the private rental sector less appealing.

2024 has already seen a surge of buyers returning to the market amid falling mortgage rates, with Zoopla reporting buyer demand at the end of the first week of January was more than 10% ahead of the same period a year ago.

An increase in buyers and a shift in the power balance towards sellers after 18 months of buyer scarcity is great news for those wanting to sell their properties for the best price possible in 2024 and the timing couldn’t be better for landlords facing huge tax bills in January.

Landlords need to act fast to take advantage of the shift while the Bank of England interest rates are relatively stable.

No one can predict the future, but while inflation remains at 3.9% - twice the Bank of England (BOE)’s target – it is unlikely BOE interest rates will be lowered any time soon so this could be as good as it gets for the foreseeable future. Any rise in interest rates would almost certainly be followed by widespread increases in mortgage rates, once again affecting buyers’ affordability and pushing house prices lower.

Selling tenanted property is notoriously difficult with a much higher rate of sales falling through. Completion normally takes longer due to issues sellers discover after the tenants have left; the process to obtain vacant possession taking months (and sometimes years) longer than most sellers expect; and/or added legal complications.

Landlord Sales Agency is a company created by landlords for landlords.  We know from our vast experience of selling rental properties the best way to sell rental property for the best price in the fastest time either with tenants in situ or with vacant possession.  We sell properties individually and together as a portfolio.

We have a one-stop shop team of experts, builders and legal assistants who will help you sell regardless of any issue, be it selling with tenants in-situ, assistance if you’re in arrears with tenants, assistance with evictions, helping with any bills you may have outstanding, even cash advances. No problem is a match for our tenanted property sale experts.

We have a huge database of investment buyers looking for properties with established tenants but if a seller wants to sell a tenanted property to a buyer who wants vacant possession, we work with the tenants to help them find alternative accommodation and leave of their own volition, in order to prevent the delays caused by expensive and often ineffective court proceedings.

We secure sales agreements as soon as an offer is accepted and have a one-stop shop team of experts, builders and legal assistants to prevent even the most complicated sale falling through. 95%+ of all sales complete with ZERO renegotiations on price regardless of falling house prices and we complete faster than other estate agencies.

  • We focus on a quality fast sale, rather than a cheap fast sale and ensure that our buy-to-let portfolios are sold fast, often in less than 28 days. We also ensure that we never compromise on the sale price no matter how much work your portfolio needs.
  • We cover all the costs incurred during the sale and take away all the hassle that comes with selling the portfolio- be that repairs, legal issues, evictions and more - we simply get the costs back on completion.
  • There’s no one like us out there, and we’ve built up an unbeatable record for helping landlords which is why we’re the number one go-to company for our partners, including LandlordZONE

So, if you’re looking to sell your buy-to-lets, let us take the stress off your hands and get you the best price, no matter what condition your portfolio is in.

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