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NEW: It's time to phase out traditional gas boilers says lobby group

The Heat Pump Association (HPA) wants the government to firm up a date for phasing out traditional gas boilers as UK heat pump installations continue to trail the rest of Europe.

The government's Heat and Buildings Strategy states that it wants to phase out new natural gas boilers after 2035. However, an independent review earlier this year pressed for the date to be brought forward to 2033.

HPA chief executive Charlotte Lee (main picture) says while heat pump sales have grown year-on-year in the UK, total sales when compared with the rest of Europe are low.

'We believe the UK government's projected deployment target of 600,000 heat pumps installations per year by 2028 remains achievable provided it moves swiftly and decisively to introduce the Future Homes Standard, provides early clarity of a date for the full phase out of 100% fossil fuel boilers, and takes steps to reduce the price of electricity,'� she says.


Lee adds that greater take-up of heat pumps in the rest of Europe is proving to mitigate emissions and grow economies. 'We believe the UK can afford to be equally ambitious provided the government takes swift and decisive action to support the market.'�

The latest European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) report shows a direct link between a fall in the ratio of gas to electricity prices and an increase in heat pump sales. In 2022, the ratio of electricity to gas prices in the Netherlands fell significantly, resulting in the heat pump market almost doubling.

'Our members are clear that the price of electricity relative to gas is a critical factor, and we support the EHPA's view that electricity prices should be no more than twice those of gas,'� says Lee.


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