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If you’re thinking of selling, here’s how to get the highest price for your properties this year

We’ve all seen the headlines, from mixed-message articles to advice from experts and landlords, but if now REALLY is the best time to sell, how can we ensure we’re getting the highest amount in the fastest time?

Simply Business recently reported that 1in 4 landlords are looking to sell this year, and for good reason: in a study of landlords looking to sell, 54% thought abolishing Section 21 evictions would cause landlords to sell up and leave the buy-to-let market, 43% because of rising mortgage costs with the remaining planning to sell due to Tax (Section 24).

Whatever your reason for selling, this year looks like the year to do it, so it’s important to have access to all the options available to you, in order to walk away with the best possible price.

At Landlord Sales Agency, that’s exactly what we do. We’re connected to the very best local agents, investors, buyers, and quick sale auction machine to ensure that your property is marketed in a competitive bidding war, driving up buyers from the best avenues throughout the country, matched to you by our in house team of experts.

What’s more, we have a dedicated team of builders, electricians and resources to ensure your property goes to market in the best possible condition, and without having to worry about tenants. This is helpful for landlords who can't afford the rising builder costs (up to 20-30K).

If landlords want a higher price for their property than selling at auction or to cash buying companies, we solve all the problems to help them achieve those prices:

·        Anyone can sell their properties quickly for 75% market value but it takes time, experience, competent staff, processes, funding, tenacity and determination to sell tenanted properties for good prices and get those sales over the line.

·        We have over 30,000 landlord buyers competing with 1st-time-buyers for every house sale, and we do win-win deals with landlords and tenants.

·        50% of tenants agree deals and leave. We have a 100% success rate at evicting those other tenants where it's necessary and getting those properties sold.

·        Instead of landlords selling for 75% value we are achieving 85-95% and we get those sales completed quickly as possible

·        AND over 90% of our agreed sales complete compared to 32% of sales falling though at least once with estate agents.


From start to finish, we manage the entire sale for you, from viewings to repairs, to liaising with tenants, to speaking with every single sales option to get you the highest possible price. No matter how many properties you want to sell,and where, we’ll get the job done.

Recently a portfolio landlord approached us with 80 properties in Liverpool. We secured the prices, kept tenants where necessary, and worked with difficult and unauthorised tenants to gain their co-operation to leave and comply with Article 4 regulations.

On one of the most "difficult" properties, the buyer paid an auction deposit on 07/03/24 and completed by 02/05/24- just two months, a record fast sale at the price the landlord was happy with. No matter what issue arose, we solved it to ensure the landlord had money in the bank as fast as possible, even taking £1,000 off our agency fee due to sort out survey issues for him to get it over the line.

Be it repairs or tenants, nothing is too much of a challenge for our team of the UK's very best property experts.

We're available to you and on hand every step of the way. You won't just get a good price for your properties, we'll do everything possible to ensure you get the best possible price.

All you have to do is get in touch.


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