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'Huge competition is the key problem for families in PRS, not landlords' says Shamplina


Paul Shamplina says the key reason why tenants with children are struggling to find rented accommodation is the ongoing supply crisis created by Government intervention in the sector, and the huge competition for properties that it is creating.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live last night Shamplina - who is Director of Partnerships for Total Landlord insurance - said intense competition for properties means parents are finding it increasingly hard to find accommodation, as are most other types of tenants.

'Many landlords have children and at a recent industry show I spoke at most of the people in the audience said they'd be happy to rent to families,'� he said.


But Shamplina said increased taxation, more regulation via the looming Renters (Reform) Bill and the vilification of landlords are cumulatively persuading a greater number of them to quit the sector than normal, and this means many good tenants with children are being asked to leave as the properties are put up for sale.

'In my 30 years working with landlords and agents, I've never seen so many landlords exiting the market,'� he said.

Speaking about the recent BBC research that showed almost three quarters of property listings on Open Rent stipulating '�no children', Shamplina tells LandlordZONE that a significant percentage of properties within the PRS are not suitable for children '� in the same way not every home is ideal for dogs or cats.

'no children'

'For instance, a one-bedroom or studio flat is not suitable for a family and neither is shared accommodation, student houses and HMOs,'� he says.

'The Renters (Reform) Bill, when it goes live in 18 months' time, will formalise what already exists out there in terms of landlords accepting tenants by setting out when a landlords can or cannot refuse a family with children, and this will stamp out unscrupulous landlords who say '�no children' for unfair reasons.'�

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