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HONOURS: Leading property sector figure Kate Faulkner awarded OBE

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Leading property sector figure Kate Faulkner has been given an OBE in the New Year's Honours List.

Faulkner's honour is for her involvement with landlords, estate agents and consumers including her work leading the property industry Home Buying and Selling Group which has been seeking solutions to the sector's many challenges, and a group leading reform within the private rental sector.

'Not surprisingly I am overwhelmed as this was never something I ever imagined, but the reality is it's a great endorsement of the amazing work that the HSBG group and The Lettings Industry Council has done over the last few years, particularly during Covid,'� she says.

'I feel a bit like I've been given the award for 'top goal scorer' - which you only get thanks to everyone that has supported you and in the HBSG's case that's an awful lot of very committed people that have worked tirelessly over the years together.  


'As such I promise you I will use the OBE to progress the work that everyone is doing as much as possible.'�

A spokesperson from the HSBG says: 'We are delighted that Kate has been awarded an OBE.

'It is a credit to her personally and very well deserved. Further it is an accolade to the Property Industry itself - an industry that Kate has helped to propel.

'Whether that be appearances on TV and radio; meetings with DLUCH or industry; writing papers or checklists, engaging with consumers or stakeholders, Kate has demonstrated the importance property has, not just to our economy, but to the social fabric of our society. Three cheers for Kate Faulkner!'�.



Sean Hooker, Head of Redress at the PRS, adds: "I have worked closely with Kate on the Home Buyers and Sellers Group but also with her on many issues in the rental sector. Her breadth of knowledge and expertise is staggering.   

"She has featured regularly in podcasts and webinars across the services of the Hamilton Fraser family and written us guides and articles that continue to help and educate all those involved in property. 

"This is well deserved recognition for her hard work and passion over the years to make the property world a better place."

She joins four other people within the property sector given gongs including interiors and TV figure Alison Cork (OBE) and LGTBQ+ campaigners within the property sector, David Mann and Saleem Fazal (MBEs).

Watch Kate Faulkner's most recent podcast for Hamilton Fraser.


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