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SHOCK: Homeowners and landlords replacing heat pumps with boilers - claim


According to many companies, heat pumps are our salvation. To homeowners and landlords, they are expensive to buy. That's okay, right?

Not quite. Home boiler installation experts at Boiler Central have recently seen homeowners return to their natural gas boilers due to heat pumps just not cutting it.

The fact that landlords and homeowners are willing to pay more to remove a heat pump and go back to something they initially thought was '�too costly' speaks volumes.

What are homeowners and landlords choosing to heat homes?

Evidently, rising gas prices don't stop people from changing their gas boilers.

The UK is experiencing rising gas prices and many people are looking for alternatives to the traditional natural gas boiler to heat homes and properties.

People are being offered a mixture of thousands of pounds for switching to an air source heat pump, and standard headlines proclaiming that these are the future. The question is now: Are proprietors making costly and big mistakes?

Are cold tenants going to demand landlords invest back into boilers?

Nationwide boiler installation experts at Boiler Central are experiencing an increase in boiler-to-heat pump conversion requests. 

The latest example is from a cold homeowner in Scotland. A resident wanted his Daikin heat pump removed and replaced by a hydrogen mix-ready gas boiler. 

It was difficult because of the high cost involved but it was necessary as sufficient heat was not produced by the air source heat pumps that were required to successfully heat the property effectively. 

If you are a landlord who has tenants who are a young family or elderly it may be something to consider. 

As a landlord do you choose a heat pump or boiler?

A boiler and heat pump are the equivalents of hot or lukewarm, but as a landlord costs will make likely make the choice for you. 

Experts at Boiler Central recommend that you consider the pros and cons of heat pumps if you aren't sure whether you want a boiler or heat pump. This is because it can end up costing twice as much, and you end up buying a new boiler replacement.

There are downsides to heat pumps

Heat pumps are the most efficient heating option. Heat pumps can be expensive at first. These are the disadvantages of heat pumps.

High upfront costs to homeowners and landlords

Heat pumps can be expensive upfront, but they offer long-term energy savings. This can reduce carbon emissions. Because of the research required to determine the heat movement, local geology, and heating and cooling requirements for your home, it is difficult to install heat pumps.

Questionable sustainability for homeowners & tenants

Some fluids used in heat transfer may not be sustainable, which could raise environmental concerns. Use biodegradable fluids instead. It is difficult to make heat pumps carbon neutral because they are powered by electricity. 

Problems with Cold Weather

In cold weather, heat pumps are unable to work at their full potential. This problem can be solved by upgrading your heat pump system. The Seasonal Product Factor (SPF) of your heat pump is important.

Future boilers & heat pumps

As you can see, heat pumps are not capable of heating water as well as boilers. If the Government decides to add 20% hydrogen to the gas supply, which is highly likely, it will dramatically reduce carbon emissions. Hydrogen is still very expensive to produce so don't expect prices to drop.

If you are a landlord looking for a boiler replacement or conversion then don't hesitate to contact the experts at Boiler Central.


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