A Home Office minister has given more clarification about landlords’ duties to check EEA nationals’ Right to Rent ahead of the 30th June deadline.

Once the temporary Covid arrangements for checking status end, EU residency documents won’t be valid so renters must have applied for settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).

However, in answer to a written parliamentary question from Labour peer, Lord Foulkes of Cumnock, who asked what the position would be for those who failed to apply in time, Baroness Williams of Trafford (pictured, main image) said if anyone who might be eligible was discovered by immigration officials after 30th June, they would get a notice providing another 28 days to submit their application.

Baroness Williams reassured landlords that as long as they had carried out checks in the prescribed manner, on or before 30th June, there was no requirement to carry out retrospective checks or evict a tenant, as they would have a continuous statutory excuse against liability for a civil penalty.

Evicting a tenant

The government has previously confirmed that landlords won’t need to evict a tenant unless issued with a ‘Notice of letting to a disqualified person’ by the Home Office.

She added: “Where an EEA citizen has reasonable grounds for missing the EUSS application deadline, they will be given an opportunity to make a late application.”

From 21st June, landlords will revert to face-to-face and physical document Right to Rent checks and must either check an applicant’s original documents or their Right to Rent online if they’ve provided their share code.


  1. The vast majority of EU nationals in Uk are second home owners or occupiers. The vast majority have a perfectly decent home that they left to come to UK.

    Just as many brits working abroad retain a home in the UK.

    The UK need to stop trying to house the entire world population its just ridiculous.

  2. Here’s a radical thought. Why don’t the government do their job themselves & check the right to rent. That way they’d not have any complaints would they? Landlords are now unpaid (& untrained / unqualified) immigration officers. No wonder a lot of landlords I know are selling up.

  3. The government let people into the country. Why do we have to do their job acting as the Home Office! If they want me to act as Border Force where is my badge and my salary?

  4. Hmmmm…… this is step too far for me. I’ve just got frazzled over the electric certs, then it’s going to be stressing out over EPC rating to a C and evicting tenants from properties that will be financially unviable. Being border control is something I just can’t take on at the moment, so I’m very sorry but anyone from EU or anywhere else will have to rent elsewhere until the government stops changing the rules or until I can catch up a bit.

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