Multi-millionaire landlord Fergus Wilson has offered to sell four of his apartment blocks to the Home Office or Kent County Council to help address the issue of homeless asylum seekers.

The colourful character suggests they could buy the four empty blocks – containing approximately 20 flats – at Littlestone, New Romney, Folkestone and Wateringbury.

He tells LandlordZONE that he was inspired by seeing people coming off the boats on the Kent coasts, explaining: “These kids have nowhere to go and as a society we have a duty of care. It’s a pragmatic decision – Kent County Council are having a terrible time accommodating them.”

His suggestion comes as growing numbers are risking their lives to navigate the Channel.

New arrivals

Kent County Council is responsible for housing unaccompanied asylum-seeking children but has no more room and has threatened to sue the government for failing to help. Meanwhile the Home Office has resorted to using hotels to house new arrivals.

In an email, the Home Office responded: ‘Thank you for your email correspondence to the Home Secretary and your offer of accommodation. Your correspondence has been passed to the relevant business area, and they will be in contact with you in due course.’

Retirement plan

The four empty properties are a result of Wilson’s retirement plan to sell off his impressive portfolio around Ashford and Maidstone.

He says the sale is going extremely well and that he now only has about 150 of his 970 two-and three-bedroom properties left, with the target of leaving himself just 10 houses.

However, he has taken issue with a Daily Mail article about the offer, which brands him, ‘Britain’s most hated landlord’. Wilson says: “Where’s the evidence to show that? I think I’m the most loved landlord by my tenants.”

In 2017 a court ruled that Wilson’s policy preventing people from renting his properties based on their ethnicity was unlawful following intervention from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.


  1. Another misleading headline….

    But 10 points for this jolly wheeze, great way to offload dud properties onto the state, they can then spend the money to get them up to EPC standards… Whilst giving the impression of a sweet and caring chap.

    Well done that man 😊
    Give him an honorary marketing degree I say.

  2. I fail to understand this. Why everything to migrants who leave their place for a better one.

    Fair play to them but where is the level playing field? Where can our people go for a free house, free school, free medical etc.

    • Well these people who come to the uk, Just like EU citizens were not all living under a tree or in a cardboard box.

      They have homes “Back home” I used to work with these types when I lived in London. A Spanish “Colleague” living in a nice housing association flat in trendy Shoreditch used to go home to her Villa in Spain every Christmas and summer hols. Nigerian “Colleagues” likewise would go back home, some even leaving their kids behind in London to fend for themselves.

      Many Landlords and second home owners have to pay higher rates of SDLT… surely anyone from abroad should also pay the SDLT premium. If they don’t own a second home abroad, they should be forced to prove it rather than the other way around. They should be presumed to be home owners from the outset or deemed to have made themselves “Wilfully homeless” thereby unqualified to be put on the social housing lists.

      These economic migrants and boat people from abroad will be found school places as the govt will force schools to “Adjust” the way they offer places, which is a polite way of saying your kid cannot get a place because someone from abroad is deemed more “Suitable”
      If it was up to Labour there would be no borders, no visa’s just a total free for all.


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