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He's started so he'll finish! Tech expert is landlord whizz

paul shamplina at landlord investment show

A young landlord from London has won the first heat of Paul Shamplina’s Mastermind-style competition during the National Landlord Investment show at the Olympia exhibition centre.

Daniele Olmeda (pictured second left) won the first heat against stiff competition on the stage, and quick-fire questions from Shamplina, with no passes. Olmeda tells LandlordZONE that he found the questions tough but enjoyed being grilled in front of a packed room.

Particularly impressive

“His knowledge of the industry and its regulations was particularly impressive as he’s only been a landlord for a few years,” said Shamplina afterwards.

Olmeda started buying his first properties in 2021 during Covid and is now about to complete on this eleventh property. He has biomedical qualifications but at the same time he started his property career launched an artificial intelligence company called Deep Sourcing that leverages data and AI to find the most attractive residential investments in the UK real estate market.

Try for yourself

If you’d like to try the questions he and the other contestants tackled during the ‘Mastermind’ sessions, and see how well you would have done, here’s a selection. Answers are at the bottom if you’re stumped.

1.        Section 24 began to be phased in on the 6th April of which year?

2.        How soon after disposing of a rental asset must Capital Gains Tax be paid?  

3.        What is a CP12?

4.        What is an Article 4 Direction used for by a local authority?

5.        What is the penalty fine that a landlord will face for failing to protect a deposit?  

6.        What is the current CGT Annual Exemption (2023/24)?

7.         How many lodgers can you have before it becomes an HMO?  

8.        To be classed as a portfolio landlord, how many mortgaged properties must you own?  

9.        What is the term for when your home is taken over by one person or more?

10.      If a landlord needs to enter his property to carry out repair work, how much notice is he required to give the tenant?

ANSWERS: 1. 2017, 2. 60 days, 3. Gas Safety Certificate, 4. To restrict planning consent for HMOs, 5. Repayment of up to three times the deposit amount, 6. £6,000, 7. Two, 8. Four, 9. Cuckooed, 10. 24 hours.

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