The landlord, which manages residential and commercial properties in Cheshire, has donated £30,000 to help two local charities including a local Coronavirus response fund.

North West landlord Monckton Properties is making a big impact on its local community during the crisis with practical help and a cash injection.

Owned by the Tatton Estate, it manages a wide range of residential and commercial properties around Knutsford and has donated £30,000 to Cheshire Community Foundation’s Cheshire and Warrington Covid-19 Response Fund.

The foundation raises funds to support hundreds of small charities and voluntary groups across Cheshire and Warrington, connecting people and companies who want to make a difference with those needing help.

Zoe Sheppard, CEO of Cheshire Community Foundation (pictured, above) tells LandlordZONE: “We’ve had a lot of requests from food banks who are supporting many people who’ve not had to access support before but have now been furloughed or had their working hours reduced.

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“We’ve also had requests from charities needing help with IT services, helping bereaved people and those suffering domestic violence and with their mental health. We’re supporting thousands of people in the region and this fantastic amount of money will help us do that.”

The foundation has also received cash support from ForViva Housing and Sheppard says any other landlords thinking about making a donation during the crisis should give money in this way.

“We’ve received a lot of fraudulent applications – donating through us gives you the confidence that the money will go where it’s needed,” says Sheppard.”

Monckton Properties and the Tatton Estate is also helping tenants whose livelihoods are threatened by making vacant properties available in Knutsford and neighbouring areas, and by offering free parking behind Canute Place and Knutsford Heath.


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