Whether you’re a regular reader of LandlordZONE news or one 260,000 who visit and use our forums, the team at LandlordZONE would like to wish you a prosperous and happy 2022.

2021 was an exciting time for LandlordZONE – we saw an 85% increase in the number of pages being read and we were a finalist in the Property Press Awards.

This is not surprising – the past 12 months have been some of the most extraordinary ever witnessed by the private rented sector and we’ve been hot on the heels of the biggest stories and often the first to break them whether it’s dodgy property gurus or the latest government evictions ban.

And 2022 looks like it will be less damaging to many landlords – a further evictions ban, which would once again cost many landlords thousands as they wait extra weeks and months to evict badly behaved tenants or those with significant arrears, is very unlikely to be repeated unless a more deadly Covid variant were to arrive or develop.

There will be mixed news this year – rents are rising as the government’s PRS policies continue to restrict supply to the market, but the government’s rent reforms for England also loom; expect to see new regulations and laws on landlord registration and compulsory redress, a lifetime deposit scheme and greater numbers of HMO and selective licensing scheme being announced.

But whatever happens, we’ll ensure you hear it here first.

The LandlordZONE team


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