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Grant Shapps warns landlords to pass on energy support payments to tenants

grant schapps

HMO landlords have again been warned that they must pass on the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS) rebate to tenants as the first payments are made, this time by business secretary Grant Shapps (pictured).

Earlier this year, the Government introduced new powers that mean intermediaries, including landlords who operate '�all inclusive' rental properties such as HMOs, must pass on savings made under the EBSS and other energy support schemes to end users, who don't pay their energy bills directly.

However, the NRLA has accused it of demonising landlords unnecessarily and says the stance sends a dangerous and misleading message that landlords cannot be trusted to do the right thing, creating needless fear and anxiety for tenants.

�3.8 billion

The government reports that the scheme has provided a �66 discount for 97% of eligible households in England, Scotland and Wales in its first month, while the second instalment will reduce households' November energy bills, which brings the total amount spent on the scheme so far to �3.8 billion. From December, the amount discounted will rise to �67.

Vouchers were sent to all two million customers with traditional pre-payment meters and the government has urged consumers to redeem vouchers as soon as possible, after figures showed only about two-thirds had already done so.

Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Grant Shapps, says: 'The government is committed to supporting people facing unique stresses with the cost of living and rising energy costs. Today's figures show how we are making a difference in over 27 million homes across Great Britain.'�


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