Gas Safety Week kicks off today to help the gas industry and consumer groups highlight the topic and raise public awareness.

Coordinated by Gas Safe Register, the campaign webpage includes a ‘gas map’ where users can input their post code to find out about the dangerous gas appliances found in the area as well as ‘Ten top tips to stay safe’ which reveals how to recognise the six signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Supporter Swale Heating says both landlords and tenants need to stay gas safe. It advises tenants to check their landlord’s Gas Safety Record and encourages them to report any landlord who refuses to provide one to the HSE. 

But it adds that it’s also up to tenants to check any gas appliances they own every year.

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“As would be stated in your tenancy agreement, the landlord is not responsible for gas appliances you own. This means it is your responsibility to arrange for these to be safety checked once a year and regularly serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer.”


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Savills regularly supports the annual event which Theresa Wallace (pictured), head of customer relations, says is important to the estate agency chain.

She adds: “We continually work to educate our landlords about the obligations involved and work to ensure all our properties meet the requirements. As agents, we play a critical part in ensuring tenants are living in safe and habitable properties and gas safety comes sits at the top of this priority list.”

Visit the Gas Safe Week homepage.


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