A former model turned property developer has taken on a gruelling body transformation challenge to raise money for the Danny Butcher Foundation.

Ed Akay, director at Devon-based property development company Gold Lake Developments, is dieting and working out to get his body fat ratio down to 10%.

Ed, who hosts the Torbay Property Meet, is confident that he can recreate the physique he had when he modelled in his twenties and hopes to smash his £200 target by mid-December.

Danny Butcher committed suicide in 2019 after he became depressed while trying to clear his debts run up on a £13,000 Property Investors course.

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The foundation was set up in his name to raise money for homeless people, mental health charities and military veterans – all favourite causes of the former soldier, who Ed believes was a hero, prepared to die for his country.

Long overdue

He tells LandlordZONE: “Danny’s suicide was both tragic and heart-breaking. I hope that the foundation celebrates his life by helping the causes that Danny believed in. 

“I also hope that one of Danny’s long-term legacies will be the regulation of the ‘wealth creation’ industry – something that is long overdue.”

Danny’s family started an online petition calling for regulation of the wider property training sector, while other disgruntled property training course attendees are gearing up to bring a group action against Samuel Leeds. Danny’s sister Carrie adds:

“We are so grateful to Ed for helping us raise money for the Danny Butcher foundation. Ed and many others have been a great source of support this past year and this is a great tribute in Danny’s name.”

To donate to Ed: https://www.facebook.com/donate/3610620125650663/10223114950279379/

Read more about Danny Butcher.


  1. Why is proper financial education, including investment, not taught in schools?
    Instead of wasting time on the usual mumbo jumbo in morning assembly, the kids could be briefed on the latest scams.
    They probably wouldn’t listen, but they don’t listen in assembly anyway (we certainly didn’t), so nothing to lose.
    Better than singing pointless 19th century church songs every morning.


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