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FREE webinar: Will it become more difficult to evict tenants next year?

Many landlords will not have clocked the huge changes coming down the line within the Government’s Renters (Reform) Bill due to become law next year - but help is at hand.

Evictions expert Paul Shamplina and legal senior Paul Sowerbutts (main picture) are to host a free live webinar on the 30th August 2023 which will explain the changes and what they mean for landlords, jointly hosted by LandlordZONE and Landlord Action.

It is important to underline how serious the proposed changes to eviction law will mean for landlords wishing to gain possession of their properties, whatever the reason.

No fault

At the moment, landlords have the option to use a ‘no fault’ route or Section 21 notice as it is better known, which enables them to evict a tenant even if there is ‘no fault’ on the tenant’s part.

But this element of eviction law is going to be abolished and although the Government has promised to make it easier to evict badly behaved tenants and those in serious arrears via the courts, many believe once the bill becomes law, overall it will become more expensive and take more time to remove tenants from properties.

Shamplina says: “In this exclusive webinar, in partnership with Total Landlord, we'll be discussing the latest and greatest news on evictions, tackling topics of concern surrounding Section 21 being abolished, changes to the court system, current Government policy on the private rented sector and the freeze on bailiffs activity that has been widely reported including by LandlordZONE.”

Readers can sign up to watch the webinar for free via this registration form.

Read more about the Renters (Reform) Bill.


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