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Free service launches that saves landlords energy costs during voids

voids smart meter

A void energy solution and switching service for 'end of tenancy' promises to trim pounds from landlords' bills.

Empty rental properties incur a range of standing charges that average between 10p and 80p per day for electricity and from 5p to 60p per day for gas, averaging out to �77 annually for electricity and �82 for gas, according to Muuvo.

To address this, the utility technology platform ensures the unit price and standing charge are correct and don't exceed the current government price cap when a tenant vacates.

It says installing smart meters also prompts agents to add meter readings to all new and vacating tenancies (fully managed), avoiding excessive payments using an estimate based on past energy consumption.

Tenancy process

The platform can switch over to a preferred supplier as part of the end of tenancy process, meaning that it happens well before any new tenant's check-in.

Energy switches used to take four or five weeks to complete and often clashed with new tenants setting up their own energy accounts - now it can be handled in just a few days.

As part of its void energy solution, Muuvo is the main point of contact with the void energy partner to assess and sense-check bills before they are sent to letting agents. It can then check that the name on the invoice, correspondence address, meter readings and dates are all correct.

The platform is free to use and provides access to all existing supplier data to provide comparisons and speedy upfront provision of relevant information to help set up new tenancies.

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