A tech professional who is also a landlord has launched what she believes to be the ideal solution to the impasse between landlords who won’t take tenants with pets, and the estimated 7.6 million tenants in the UK who want to live with their cats or dogs.

Natasha Homer-Earley, whose family has a rental portfolio in the UK but who also has a tech background, has today officially launched PetsScore, which is a dog and cat referencing service for landlords, tenants and letting agents.

In development for months, it enables tenants to register their pets for free including information about their pet’s microchip number, breed/size/weight, vaccinations, pet insurance, medical treatments, pet training, landlord/letting agent references, exercise levels and pet temperament.

PetScore will charge agents a small fee or subscription to see pet references, but pet owners are also able to share their reference with landlords and other property owners. Homer-Earley says she expected to add an insurance element to the platform at a later date, enabling tenants whose pets don’t pass muster to be insured against any damage.

Pets anywhere

She says her service will also be applicable to the Airbnb/short lets sector and will eventually cover other kinds of pet as demand dictates, and may eventually be integrated into CRM systems. She also has plans to go global, as her platform applies to any rental market where ‘pets in lets’ are a contentious issue.


Homer-Earley (pictured) adds: “We’re at the precipice of a disaster for pets and their owners globally. Pet ownership is at an all-time high and there is a chasm between the availability of pet-friendly rental properties and the overwhelming demand for them. 

“Until now, there has been no simple solution for landlords looking to assess the risk of taking on a pet tenant. PetsScore makes this easy and affordable at scale for the first time. We have plans to be in multiple markets within twelve months owing to the global need for a solution to this very real problem.”

PetScore has launched in the midst of a hot debate within the privately rented sector about pets. The government recently altered its voluntary model AST contract to require landlords to take pets unless they have good reason not to, while campaigning group AdvoCATS received cross-party support for its attempt to persuade Ministers to alter the Tenant Fees Act to enable pet deposits to be legal.

And MP Andrew Rosindell recently attempted to go even further. His Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill hoped to give renters the right to live with their pet, but has so far been thwarted in parliament.


  1. “Petscore, like human tenant referencing, will charge agents a small fee or subscription to see pet references.”

    And there’s the rub! I will NOT pay to see pet references! That will NOT convince me to let a property to a person with a pet or pets. It’s simply not enough to persuade me to take the risk of damaged structure (doors, door frames, windows etc.), furniture, or gardens, that, in my experience, I will not be paid for by the tenant, leaving it up to me, the landlord, to pick the dog dirt out of the lawn, clean up dog hair etc.

  2. Nice idea, but i wonder if this is something that can be paid for by the tenant, as it’s not actually a letting fee or something like that. Perhaps the tenant could present some kind of “pet certificate” as part of their application?

  3. Seems to me that every Tom, Dick or Harriet are eager to force landlords to do things they just don’t want to do…

    Bottom line I say to everyone from govt to Labour, Local council, Gen rent, Shelter etc etc.

    You simply cannot FORCE me or any other individual to invest in the PRS.

    I can move my money anywhere and the more one sector becomes higher risk with more red tape then I and others will simply invest where the risks are lower. Margins are already tight in the PRS so I might as well sell up and invest in a basket of shares, spread the risk and collect the annual dividends without the need to do anything.

    No decorating, no worrying about bad tenants, or dangerous dogs.

    In my view the ONLY safe pet is the one in the taxidermist’s window.

  4. Once again, landlords are being asked to foot the bill for something that benefits TENANTS only. If this service were paid for by those tenants wishing to register their pet that would be fine, but I don’t see why I as a landlord should have to pay extra to see a pet reference when I also have to pay for the tenants to be referenced. It makes me more likely to choose a tenant without pets over a tenant with. The government capping deposits and abolishing fees is the reason why so many landlords no longer accept pets because we are being forced to foot the bill when things go wrong.

  5. No guarantee pet reference won’t damage the property. Landloard is still at a increased risk first with tenants to contrnd with and on top of that added risk with pets. Eviction takes about a year so double trouble and the damage would run into thousands with no prospect of recovery. Not a good risk for landlord and does not business sense. Politicians need to understand the issues rather than jump on bandwagon and different organisations jumping on the bandwagon to make a fast buck. Not going to happen!!!!!

  6. No chance. The tenant fees ban & deposit cap put an end to all pets. Don’t these people listen? Well done generation rent, you’re making tenants lives missrable.

  7. Not sure why LL zone is rehashing this old story…

    Interesting to note that on their pet site they have LL zone logo and links… That suggests to me that LL zone is endorsing this outfit otherwise LL zone would request that link be taken down?

    OK… So let me be perfectly clear… I’ve looked around the pet site. There is no apparent fees to register. Yet they are looking to charge landlords….

    I’m a Portfolio landlord and I will NEVER pay a fee to join a platform that is working against my own interests.
    There is no such thing as a safe pet. THE ONLY SAFE PETS ARE IN THE TAXIDERMISTS WINDOW.

    The Plumber that works for my letting agent was recently attacked by three dogs on a call out to a rental property… The plumber was hospitalised. That is the reality of animals in properties.

    Dogs belong in Kennels in the garden, along with rabbits etc. preferably all in the same hutch/kennel where they can fight it out amongst themselves.
    I have enough problems with the Humans that I house let alone animals.
    And you want ME to pay YOU… are you having a laugh or what.
    As John McEnroe once said on Wimbledon Centre Court…. “You cannot be serious”.

    If you get your way and investors are forced by law to take in pets then I can GUARNATEE you that only the rich will be able to rent properties because the vast majority of investors will simply sell up and put their money into other ventures and the animals in London Zoo will be living a better life than the thousands of people that will be on the streets.

    The reality is the govt cannot/will not house people. So when landlords shut up shop because of people like you with your totally unrealistic attitudes I hope the homeless come looking for you.
    Maybe you can house them…. Errr Probably not eh…

    Rents are already rising rapidly as investors leave the PRS because of govt behaviour over lockdown, govt rules, EPC, Right to rent, Local Licensing… Need I go on????

    And you rock up with Pet nonsense… that I must pay for…. Yeah Right!!!!


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