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EXCLUSIVE: 'End of an era' for Shamplina as he steps back from popular TV show

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Evictions expert Paul Shamplina has revealed that he's stepping back from his long-running role in TV series Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords.

Shamplina, who as well as heading up Landlord Action is Chief Commercial Officer at parent company Hamilton Fraser, says it's time to move on after filming some 70 episodes since 2015 for the programme's six series.

'Also, even if Channel 5 were to commission another series of the show then - although the programme has been interesting and exciting to be a part of - I won't be appearing on it or any other evictions programmes going forward,'� he adds.

'Everyone needs to be sensitive at the moment about tenants, who have taken a battering in recent months as the shortage of stock creates ever-rising rents although of course landlords are facing difficulties too.'�

International reach

Many will be sorry to see Shamplina exit the show. As well as a keen fanbase in the UK including some 1.5 million viewers of some episodes, it has been seen in Europe, New Zealand and Australia and been on Netflix in the USA.

'Sometimes it's tough '� I've been spat at by one disgruntled tenant '� but it can also be amazing, and I helped one viewer propose to his girlfriend after he contacted me and asked for help,'� he says.

Carlton TV

Shamplina's TV talents were discovered after he helped out on a one-off programme about evictions for Carlton TV during the early noughties, later also appearing on other specials for other broadcasters such as '�War at the Door', '�Tenants from Hell' and several BBC Inside Out investigations.

'What people forget is that all the cases on Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords were real even though they were at the extreme end of tenant and landlord experiences within the private rented sector (PRS), so often landlords in particularly were very brave to get involved.'�

Although it's the 'end of an era'� for Shamplina, the evictions business he heads up has never been busier and the Landlord Action team now handle thousands of cases every year.


'Last year was the busiest, with 2023 expected to be even more so, given the cost of living crisis and a big rise in landlords exiting the industry,'� he says.

'I'm also going to have a full diary this year because the sector will soon see significant changes when the Government's PRS reforms go live which will adversely affect both landlords and letting agents,'� he says.

'I'll be at the centre of efforts to educate and support them about those changes through my public speaking and regular appearances on Ian Collins' Talk Radio show.'�

Shamplina says he will continue to appear in other TV and radio programmes as a PRS and buy-to-let expert and says he's keen to do some presenting work too and has some '�irons in the fire' on that front. Watch this space.

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