Multi-millionaire landlord Fergus Wilson has vowed to appeal against a High Court ruling ordering him to pay £125,000 to Ashford Council for harassing staff.

A defiant Wilson tells LandlordZONE that he continues to dispute claims and believes the authority is now suffering the fall-out of his decision to sell off hundreds of rental properties in the area.

Last year, he was slapped with an injunction not to contact the council after the High Court heard he had sent hundreds of letters and emails and made needless phone calls and formal complaints against officers, councillors and legal representatives.

An unrepentant Wilson says: “I didn’t harass them. They said I made ‘needless phone calls’ but I could never get through on the phone so I had to email them – and of the 454 letters they said I sent over four years, that only works out at a couple of letters a week relating to my 300 houses.

“We housed people who couldn’t get a house elsewhere but all the thanks we got was them saying I was harassing them.”

It prompted him to exit the sector and he has now sold the last of his 150 houses – from an original 970 properties around Kent – and points to news this week that the council-run private rental sector lettings agency, ABC Lettings, is launching an advertising campaign to win private landlord clients, saying that “the private sector landlord market is considered to be a hard to reach audience”.

Wilson adds: “Ashford Council told me they couldn’t cope if I pulled out of the area – and now they’re having a terrible time. Do they think any private landlord will want to invest in Ashford when they see this?”

The High Court has now ruled that the controversial landlord must pay £125,000 by 17th May as a part payment while the full costs are assessed. The council believes this value, just under 75% of its estimated costs of £170,000, represents a reasonable sum.


  1. How dare anyone complain to their mighty Council.

    We don’t know the ins and outs but 2 letters a week for 300 properties is not excessive at all – perhaps if our Councils were efficient he wouldn’t need to keep writing.

    Love people who speak their mind and stand up for what’s right.

    • Here is some ins and outs (litany of harassment and abuse):

      [Findings of fact by High Court judge]
      145 iii) The Defendant’s correspondence includes:

      a) two suggestions that an ABC Councillor should commit suicide;

      b) numerous examples of personally offensive comments about appearance, weight, intelligence and capability;

      c) unfounded accusations of criminal conduct including allegations of misfeasance in public office, perverting the course of justice, perjury and conducting restricted legal activities without lawful authority to do so;

      d) unfounded allegations of professional misconduct;

      e) frequent hollow threats of reporting an individual to CILEX or some other regulator;

      f) frequent hollow threats of judicial review or other legal proceedings;

      g) requests that ABC Councillors or employees should resign or should be dismissed.

      Yep, he seems like a great role model. You are probably a great landlord too as you think the above represents ‘standing up for what’s right’.

      Ironically the council might be more efficient if it did not have to deal with clowns like this. The public money wasted here (dealing with these emails and council legal actions) is probably considerable. Hopefully they can claim it back from this offender.

      • Thanks for the link. Totally inappropriate behaviour, but I couldn’t help finding it hilarious in places. This guy isn’t going to win any prizes for diplomacy or political correctness.

  2. I have this morning left a voice message for Geraint Evans the Royal Courts of Justice Operations Manager who understands some of the background of these matters relating to myself, I alerted him that this is a scam linked to the Chillenden Murders & the murder of Wendy Knell. Ashford BC are negatively implicated in the the Chillenden Murders & its cover-up. I had to alert Mr Evans to Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb who is negatively implicated in 3 Chillenden Murders linked trials as are the same CPS Prosecuting barristers from 6KBW chambers. But the problems with Takk & Co Maidstone are massive too. The day that Kent PCSO Julia James was murdered Kent Police knew who did it (just like the Chillenden Murders), but this time they enlisted the help of the farmer on whose land these 2 sets of murders took place 2.5 miles apart, so an autistic man carry a French stick wrapped in a Tesco bag in his bag the day after Julia James’ has been framed.

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