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Exclusive: Brighton says new HMO rules will be among the 'toughest in the UK'

After a consultation and a green light from the Secretary of State, the city's new property licensing net is set to get much tighter on June 6th.

Brighton and Hove Council isset to hit landlords with some of the toughest licensing rules in the country.

The new regulations will prevent family homesfrom being sandwiched between two HMOs and prevent three properties in a rowfrom being turned into shared houses.

The council alreadyrejectsHMO applications near its universities when there are more than 10% of HMOswithin a 50-metre radius, but it now aimsto limit the number to 20% across more of the city.

Brighton and Hove contains some5,000 licenced HMOs, serving the city's large student population and youngprofessionals, and has seen increasing numbers of family dwellings converted toHMOs.

As a result, many residents are concerned about the numbers and concentration in some areas.

Planning permission

Current licensing rules limit thenumber of family homes being converted into shared houses in areas closest tothe two universities, but now new HMO developments will require planningpermission anywhere in the city.

The tougher rules are among apackage of measures in a ten-year city plan that aims to tackle some of theindirect effects of HMOs, such as reduced demand for school places.

Councillor Tracey Hill, chair ofthe city's planning committee, says: 'The new policies will be some of thetoughest approaches to HMO development in the country. 

'We know HMOs provide essentiallow-cost accommodation for people living and working in a city where rents arehigh. Our policies are not designed to stop all HMO conversions, but to limitover-concentration in a particular area.'�

The new rules take effect on 3rd June.

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