TV star and evictions expert Paul Shamplina has said he does not accept Shelter’s recent propaganda stating that 45% of landlords are involved in ‘illegal behaviour’.

As LandlordZONE has reported, Shelter launched an aggressive campaign two weeks ago based on a YouGov poll that reported poor behaviour by landlords and letting agents who, the charity said, break the law. This behaviour ranges from simple admin errors to entering properties without permission and, at the extreme end, threats of physical violence.

Appearing on Ian Collins’ Talk Radio show, Shamplina said he understood that Shelter needed to campaign on tenants’ behalf within the private rental sector, but that he didn’t accept the claim that nearly half of landlords are involved in unlawful activity.

Small minority

“I question those numbers,” he told Collins and his listeners. “It just doesn’t reflect the reality of the market. Yes, there are a lot of naïve landlords out there who try and self-manage their properties and get things wrong.

“The landlording game has changed dramatically. Within the last 18 months under the Covid 2020 Act alone there have been 47 regulation changes – it’s becoming a complex place to operate. But it’s the small minority of criminal slum landlords who we want to get out of the sector, not the majority of law-abiding ones who care about their tenants.”

Shamplina also made the point, one that Shelter has made itself, that the government has played a key part in the dramatic downturn in the social rented sector, forcing many vulnerable tenants into the private market where their complex needs cannot be met. 

He pointed out that while Shelter may criticise landlords for their failings, it is the government which has brought about this change. He said its looming rent reform proposals will be the final straw for many landlords.

“At Landlord Action more and more of our clients seeking help with evictions are getting fed up and looking to sell up rather than facing huge increases in red tape and costs, while being vilified by organisations like Shelter, Generation Rent and the UK’s many tenant unions,” he added. “A different approach is needed.”


    • Innocent until proven guilty – or has that now changed too? He doesn’t have to prove them wrong – it’s up to them to prove any guilt. But of course they won’t – just have some shoddy poll that proves nothing at all. Shelter, Generation Rent are just making things more difficult for tenants by causing rents to increase & landlords to leave the market due to many of their recent demands being met. I’ll be selling several properties this year myself. As long as these organisations keep getting paid they’re happy though, whatever the consequences.

  1. You can disbelieve the figures anyone knows its lies, can you prove them right ?.
    This is a nice high figure to suit their purpose like they said LL’s withheld 45% of Deposits in 2006 when the Actual Figure was less than 2% or only 1% went to Deposit Resolution, so this is the bases of the law of the land by an unelected lobby group that supplies no housing.

  2. Whilst it is without doubt that Shelter do provide assistance etc to some Tenants who have problems with unscrupulous Landlords, their – Shelters – mantra has always been to paint all Landlords with the same brush with no perception that many Landlords are providing accommodation that is of an acceptable standard at a fair level of rent.
    Yes there will always be the naïve or greedy unscrupulous Landlords who fail in their obligations towards Tenants, in much the same way as there are Tenants who fail to uphold their legal obligations in regard to the tenancy, anti-social behaviour etc.
    Unfortunately Shelters mantra appears to be driven into overdrive, not by the factual data but more so to justify the Governmental funding it receives.
    Many Landlords want to rid the market place of the rogue Landlords, who give us all a bad name, however, despite successive Governments creating ever more impositions on Landlords, such Landlords are still operating. The “system” is clearly failing whether due to it not being policed sufficiently or some other bureaucratic reason.

    • Shelter should not include all tenants under the same umbrella. Some are bad tenants and should be evicted. In 1980 (over 40 years ago!) I needed help from shelter regarding a flat I lived in together with rats and mushrooms. They were very helpful with my unresponsive landlord.

      Now I am a landlord myself with 16 rental properties. Rogue landlords will always exist but the majority of us are decent and honest.

      Shelter et al should acknowledge the decent landlords who provide much needed decent, affordable housing. Do not call us all money grabbing private landlords because it is not true.

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