Governments have an unerring knack for making relatively simple situations complex, and the current evictions ban is no exception.

So landlords can be forgiven if they feel bewildered by the plethora of regulations and new legislation that have been used to introduce and extend the ongoing evictions restrictions.

To help people navigate this tangle, the NRLA has published a guide that enables landlords to understand the changes in a reasonably digestible form. And it is backed by many of the sector’s leading players including the Property Redress Scheme.

It is also designed to help landlords end tenancies responsibly.

For the legislation this includes the extension to notice periods, requirements for possession claims issues before or after August 3rd, the re-opening of the courts and reactivation notices.

At court level, the guide covers Covid case marking, how the prioritisation process works, what the new Review and Substantive hearings involve and how accelerated claims (i.e. Section 21 notices) will be dealt with.

“The far reaching effects of the global health crisis will leave many facing financial insecurity for the first time, yet it is important to stress there is no reason why the landlord and renter relationship should not remain strong and constructive,” says Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of the NRLA.

“It is incumbent therefore that where issues arise, both tenants and landlords engage and seek to resolve issues outside of litigation.”

Click here to download the guide.


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