Now covid restrictions are lifted you can move house again yay!. The idea of moving a household conjures up so much stress for most people that the idea of lowering the carbon footprint of the move never enters their minds. Unfortunately, moving uses a lot of resources, and often becomes excessively wasteful. We spoke with property experts and renowned cash for home buyers ZoomPropertyBuyer who are based in Leeds but can take properties all over the country. From selling your home fast in London, to Newcastle and further about eco ways that you do to help your home move. 

Here are a few simple things you can do, with just a little extra planning, to lessen the environmental impact of your move. 

1. Move less stuff!  

Deciding to simply live with fewer possessions is easier said than done for many of us, but it can be a valuable way to simplify your life, and certainly makes moving easier. Make a point of getting rid of a decent amount of your stuff when you move, but don’t just throw it away. Make use of local resources for doing good with your extra stuff, or at least making sure it doesn’t go to waste. Good starting points for this process are Goodwill and the Salvation Army, as well as other nonprofit organizations, like local charities or your local Freecycle mailing list. 

2. Don’t buy boxes!  

Find recycled boxes from local sources, like grocery stores, or save some from holidays. Better yet, utilize a green moving company, like Earth-Friendly Moving, to rent boxes and return them when you’re finished moving (this is also great motivation to pack and unpack quickly). 

3. Choose better transportation!  

Moving inevitably requires one or more trips in vehicles, particularly large trucks which use fossil fuels and pollute the air. Find a moving company that uses hybrid or bio-diesel vehicles to move your stuff. 

4. Avoid chemical cleaners! 

 Whether you’re tidying the apartment you’re leaving or scrubbing down the new abode, chances are you’ll use a lot of cleaning supplies during your move. Choose green cleaners and reusable supplies, like cloth rags. Green cleaners are plant-based and free of toxic chemicals, which makes them safer for the environment and for you! 

5. Be organized!  

Most waste while moving happens when you haven’t planned well. We all know moving is tiresome and stressful, but staying organized will make the process easier for you and kinder for the planet. Pack well, and avoid the last-minute rush to toss stuff into boxes. Proper packing also generally means a smaller moving vehicle is needed, and means less waste and frustration as you prepare for moving and as you settle into your new home. Covid lifted, Eco ways sorted, we wish you a fantastic move! 


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