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'Disaster' renting reform bill to enter parliament tomorrow after PMQs

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The much-delayed Renters'� Reform Bill is rumoured to be getting its first reading tomorrow after Prime Minister'�s Questions, although the 'full meat' of the proposals will come later.

Rumoured to be renamed the Rented Homes Bill or Renters (Reform) Bill, landlords are waiting anxiously to discover what has made it in, after its publication was delayed last week amid fears that the draft legislation could be diluted.

Although the government blamed 'procedural issues'�, it'�s thought that some Conservative MPs feared the proposed reforms were too harsh on landlords and second homeowners - which is why the 'reform' element of the Bill's name is likely to be played down.


Marco Longhi (pictured), MP for Dudley North, told the Telegraph that legislating the Bill was 'like wielding a hammer to crack a nutshell'�. He explained: 'It'�s a disaster. You will see huge swathes of landlords leave the market, and this has been happening for several months already.'�

Longhi, who is a private landlord, added: 'The government doesn'�t realise how much it depends on private sector landlords. These properties landlords are now selling aren'�t even affordable for the majority of renters, so where are these people going to go?'�

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Labour'�s Shadow Housing Secretary Lisa Nandy (pictured) also warned that the further delay would fuel doubts ministers will deliver fully on their promises to the UK'�s private renters.

The government first announced its proposals in on '�a new deal for renting: resetting the balance of rights and responsibilities between landlords and tenants'� back in 2019.


After a protracted consultation, suggested measures are set to include abolishing Section 21, a property portal, requiring private rented properties to meet the Decent Homes Standard and establishing a new ombudsman covering private landlords.

A Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities spokesman said: 'We are absolutely committed to delivering a fairer deal for renters.'�


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