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Council makes extraordinary request asking landlords to pay for student mess

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Durham city'�s parish council has taken the unusual step of asking student landlords to make a voluntary donation towards the cost of cleaning up street waste and discarded furniture.

It will ask for a contribution of �52 towards its precept from student landlords to match the amount paid by ratepayers.

More than 4,340 properties are registered as student properties in the city and therefore exempt from paying council tax; the authority reports that these exemptions cost it �8.7 million in lost council tax revenue.

The move comes after mounds of discarded waste and furniture were dumped in the streets when students left their homes last year.

Chairman, councillor Alan Doig, says: 'This parish council has the responsibility of helping to maintain our beautiful parish on behalf of every resident, student and non-student alike.

"This is why we are asking all student landlords to share with us a shared commitment to maintain the attractiveness of our environment by making a contribution to our precept, so helping us deliver these vital projects for our community.'�#

Landlord support

The plans are also supported by student landlord and fellow parish councillor, Helen Weston (pictured), who adds: 'As a fellow student property owner myself, I fully endorse the work of the parish council to safeguard the residents of this city and to ensure that the city is kept clean and enjoyable for all.'�

The money raised will be invested in projects such as paying for more neighbourhood wardens, according to The Chronicle.

The council will write to all landlords later this month with the request and will publish the contributions made to highlight good landlords.


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