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Could American “mega-landlords” buying portfolios be the lifeline British landlords need to get out?

As the UK government struggles to help landlords facing tough financial situations, landlords have rallied together to help themselves.

This year is the year of the sale: with landlords rushing to sell up their property portfolios to either get out, or invest their money in safer bets. The rise in landlords wanting to sell has reached fever pitch, with the auction market alone hitting its highest annual rate of revenue in the last decade - a whopping 11.3% surge in the number of auction sales in the past year.

Landlords are flocking to quick-sale companies to cut their losses, causing a record-breaking exit from the sector. But who's buying? And how can landlords sell fast without compromising on price?

This week's news reported that a wave of new, international "mega-landlords" had hit the UK market, with Wall Street private equity firms snapping up buy-to-lets. Whilst this has been steeped with controversy - especially the knock-on effect to tenants and first time buyers -landlords have been left with no choice but to welcome in these mega-landlord investors.

One landlord, who had reached out to Landlord Sales Agency to sell, said: "I'm sorry to say but these buyers are a lifeline for landlords who can't afford to keep their houses. The property market is broken and no one's making any money from rentals anymore. If there are buyers that want to buy and they're offering high prices of course we're going to say yes, and we should. There's no other option."

In fact, it’s precisely these investors and auction companies that Landlord Sales Agency have direct access to which is allowing them to sell landlord properties so fast. Unlike other portfolio exit companies, Landlord Sales Agency market landlord properties through every single channel to get them sold. “We’re a one-stop shop for Landlords wanting to sell,” said CEO, David Coughlin, “all you have to do is contact us, we’ll take the entire portfolio off your hands and market your buy-to-lets to everyone, including our own database of over30,000 private buyers and investors. We’ll get you the best price, and we’ll negotiate with all parties on your behalf, including collecting all the photos, video tours and conducting any quick last minute repairs you need to get a higher price. Most of our landlord portfolios sell in less than 26 days.

But what about the effects to tenants? David Coughlin went on to say: “Tenants don’t need to worry about us selling your portfolios. Most of the time we’ll sell to new landlords who want to keep tenants in the property. On the occasions that they can’t, we can help relocate tenants, and in some situations we’ll even cover their first month of rent in the new property. We know that the market has put a strain on both landlords and tenants. It’s no one’s fault, so we’re here to make sure it’s a win-win for everyone.”

And Landlord Sales Agency seem to be getting it right, with over 250 landlords per month contacting them to sell.

“We’re delivering on what we say, and we have the network to do it. Yes, landlords still need to be realistic on price, the market isn’t what it used to be, but we’re absolutely delivering the best prices possible, and fast. It’s proving to be a lifeline for landlords wanting to get out.”

For a landlord from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Landlord Sales Agency did just that. Using a mixture of marketing to their entire network including investors and first-time buyers, Landlord Sales Agency were able to drive up the prices to ensure he was happy with the sale. His entire portfolio of properties from Staffordshire all the way up to Newcastle Upon Tyne were sold in just 26 days. Cash in the bank in just over 3 weeks, with zero hassle or stress.

“It really is that easy for us” said David Coughlin, “we’ve spent the last two years creating the best company out there to sell, with everything landlords could possibly need to get the best price for their portfolios in the fastest possible time. We’ve built up a network of trusted investors, buyers, and landlord associations such as LandlordZONE.

I know things are getting tough, I’ve had to do the same thing with many of my own properties, but there’s a solution now. Landlords don’t need to suffer, all they need to do is call us and we’ll sort it out.”

So if you’re landlord looking to sell, now’s the time to get in touch.


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