A new online platform for short-term let hosts in multi-occupancy buildings aims to provide reassurance to neighbours and councils.

Users of Trusted Homes can sign up to notify buildings of their intention to short-let, predict how many days they will be short letting for, and sign up to a raft of best practices, including limiting guest turnover by only accepting bookings of three nights or more.

As Airbnb comes under increasing attack from tenants’ groups and councils who blame the short-term lets sector for helping to create a housing crisis in the region’s cities, Trusted Hosts promises to offer a “much-needed solution that will ensure an environment of trust and consistency”.

Launched this week by trade body the UK Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA), and digital property management firm Locale, the platform aims to make it simple for short-term accommodation policies to be implemented throughout whole buildings, as well as giving building managers and owners full visibility of short-term activity. 

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The scheme aims to ease pressure on local councils through easily-to-access guidance; it promises to share data with them about the number of users in their borough as well as provide reassurance to residents that short-term arrangements in their building are adhering to best practice.

Trusted Hosts is set to be piloted in the London borough of Westminster (although no date has been set) and could then be rolled out UK-wide. Merilee Karr, chair of the STAA, says: “Trusted Hosts will provide building managers, short-term hosts and residents of multi-occupancy buildings with the reassurance that short-term letting in their building will be conducted in a trustworthy and conscientious way in accordance with our guidelines.”


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