The Welsh government has used its existing emergency Coronavirus powers to extend the period during which landlords must give six months’ notice before beginning evictions proceedings by another three months.

Existing legislation voted in by the Welsh Senedd in March last year was due to expire at the end of this month.

Housing minister Julie James (pictured, above) said in a statement: “The purpose of this alteration is to ensure that during the on-going public emergency, and in the light of the continued uncertainty caused by the emergence of new virus variants, landlords continue to give increased notice to tenants facing eviction from rented properties before landlords can issue proceedings for possession.

“The effect will to be to delay evictions meaning that: fewer people will face eviction into homelessness at a time when local authorities are less able to respond to these situations.”


Ben Beadle Chief Executive, NRLA (pictured) commented: “This announcement reinforces the urgent need for the Welsh Government to take rapid action to address the mounting rent arrears crisis unfolding across Wales.

“The expansion of long notice periods will only worsen this and prolong uncertainty for all involved.

“Landlords in Wales cannot continue to wait an average of 15 months to regain repossession whilst trying to deal with non-payment and anti-social behaviour making lives miserable.

“The Welsh Government must end the emergency pandemic measures as soon as possible if these businesses are to survive.

“A failure to proactively address the rent debt crisis will mean devastating long-term consequences for the individuals concerned and their credit scores – and preclude renters from accessing private sector properties for years to come, placing huge strain on local authorities to house people.”


  1. As always they want there cake and eat it. I think its best no gas checks and electrical checks should be done on all properties where there are more than 1 months arrears. If councils are inadequate a landlord must pay? We have compassion but common-sense is lacking in government.

  2. They claim to be working to help tenants in rent arrears, but this will only increase rent arrears and create a bigger problem later. Why can’t they see that?

  3. With policies like this who wants to be a landlord in Wales! The worry that a tenant can cause problems and you have a 9 months wait is just too much stress for the landlord.

  4. The pandemic is over 16 months old now, and – according to Boris – well in hand, especially with all the vaccinations, so why make such a decision?

    Just feels like another opportunity to kick landlords and encourage less investment in the PRS.

    Eviction bans help nobody, and only make matters worse, and are nothing more than kicking the can down the road.

    Unless someone can prove why the pandemic has effected them (eg job loss or working in the hospitality sector) and caused them to not pay their rent, then the eviction should be allowed.

  5. We need to realise this is the policy of far left wing of the Welsh labour- now the election is completed and the Welsh electorate ( lemmings) voted for more of the same anti success, anti wealth, anti entrepreneurship. This has nothing to do with Covid or protection of tenants, this is an overt attempt to overturn the private rental sector into a lackey of the Welsh government, its nationalisation through the back door. They hate wealth and property ownership. As long as you know your enemy ( as I do) it’s much easier to plan ahead.

    • Yep I certainly wouldn’t even consider being a Welsh AST LL.

      SA or FHL would be the only form of Welsh tenure I would consider.

      I certainly would sell up if I didn’t go the SA or FHL route.

      It is highly likely that the lemming Welsh will continue to vote Labour.

      Certainly unviable bothering to be a Welsh AST LL.

      With the boom in staycations I reckon Welsh FHL seem a far better business proposition; immune from the dopey Welsh Labour socialists.

  6. Absoloutly sickening.
    The Welsh authorities admit they cannot to do their job & so are forcing many private landlords to do it for them – against their will. How can this be legal in a democratic society?
    It’s basically forced labour, unpaid work, in effect slavoury even.
    Landlords are not allowed to retire, stop work due to illness or mental health issues, resign, sell their assets to enable them to get on with their lives.
    As long as a landlord fulfills their contractural obligations then they should be allowed to sell & do any of the above if they so wish.
    Any homelessness is the responsibility of the authorities.
    Where does the money for all their “new” regulations come from? Epc, gas certs, elec certs, maintenance costs?

    Just pathethetic imo.

  7. This is a non issue for those with good tenants, but for those with tenants who cannot or will not pay, this is a disaster. Complete contempt for the legal and human rights of landlords. This is the state taking over private assets. Albeit on a lesser scale (and without the genocide!), it’s similar in principle to what the Nazis did to the Polish Jews during the holocaust – the state stole their houses to give to people they favoured, with complete disregard for their rights.

  8. If Julie James was honest, her announcement would have said that the Welsh Government have made the decision to discriminate against one group of citizens in favour of another whilst taking advantage of anti-landlord sentiment and forcing landlords to provide free housing.

  9. Government and councils be have failed to invest in communities. Trying to do everything on cheap and short term fixes.
    Politicians only looking for votes and media attention. Demonise landlords and rob them to keep their votes safe.
    Landlords will pull out of the market eventually leaving them to house tenants and pick up the tab

  10. WE have 3 H M O for over 30 years our licences are up for renewal the chesterfield council have put up the fee from £300 to just short of £800 and want us to alter the fire doors and radio linked fire alarm system they made us do for last licence we are thinking of selling

    • When you think of the demand for many bedroomed houses you could probably convert to a large house and get far more for it than if converted to flats.

      The VOA is after HMO for Individual Council Tax Banding.

      That makes the HMO business model unviable.

      No one expects the VOA!!!………………..apologies to Monty Python!!

      Selling off could be a shrewd move.

      The demand is now for large houses which are increasing in price out of all proportion to what they are.

      CV19 has caused this.

      Time for LL to dump their HMO for an excellent price.

  11. Government sponsored theft. This will, in the long term,damage tenants more by making them completely unhousable by anyone other than the councils , and they don’t have the capacity. Landlords will either sell their properties reducing the rental capacity or only rent to the best tenants with bullet proof credit history at top rates.

    I’m unsure what the Welsh government think will be the impact

  12. Has this woman got any rental properties with tenants not paying her I don’t think so, not only do they not pay the rent the tenants trash the house and finally when they do go the house and garden are full of rubbish luckily these people are far and few between , this is just making life easy for the councils why don’t universal credit pay us the landlord the rent instead of giving it to the tenant, this nonsense of the tenant must ask them to give us the rent, they won’t do it as it’s easier for them to spend the money, we have a lot of great tenants you can’t tar everyone with the same brush but there’s always one that will knock us back before long the council won’t be able to lean on the landlord as we’ll all be giving up our properties as they are making everything so difficult extra taxes, now 9 months these people who are in public office making decisions need to speak to us for our point of view this is all one sided and getting more difficult as time goes by, like anything there’s always one bad apple why can’t it be made easier for the few that think it’s acceptable to move from house to house knowing they can work the system and get away with it,

  13. Having re-read the article, and the statement made by Julie James, I now note that the policy has been misunderstood. The six month notice period was supposed to end on 30 June, but it will now end on 30 September. Not much consolation for landlords with troublesome tenants, I agree, but the notice period is not going to be nine months.

  14. I honestly don’t know how LL are surviving.
    2 months rent default and I’d be bankrupted.

    I have no idea where these LL have their magic money trees.

    All I know is I unfortunately don’t have one.

    Which is why I hope to be out of this game ASAP.

    I’m simply amazed that there haven’t been mass repossessions of LL properties.

  15. Don’t accept DSS tenants in Newport.
    I have a tenant six months in arrears on housing benefit. Just stopped paying and keeping the money.
    Newport City Council still won’t pay me directly and they know there’s a mortgage on the property.

    • Ever heard of ‘clawback’??

      If you have then you would surely realise that direct payment is a very stupid thing to have occur.

      Direct payment to a CU account and then payment of FULL CONTRACTUAL RENT to the LL BEFORE the tenant is able to get their hands on their CU funds.

      This strategy avoids any ‘clawback’ risk.

      Any DSS tenant that refuses to open a CU would be rejected by me.

      Of course a DSS tenant can always cancel the CU process.

      That would give a warning to the LL that the tenant intends to rent default.

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