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BREAKING: Landlords to be given more powers to evict 'unruly tenants'

rishi sunak

The Government is preparing to compromise over its plans to abolish Section 21 'no fault' evictions by beefing up landlords’ ability to eject ‘unruly’ tenants including those involved in anti-social behaviour, the Prime Minister has revealed.

The initiative is part of the Government's Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan launched tomorrow morning (27th March) which will see a wide-ranging initiative to crack down on anti-social behaviour including "giving landlords and housing associations more powers to evict unruly tenants who ruin their neighbours’ lives through persistent noise or by being drunk and disorderly".

This would be appear to allay many landlords’ fears that abolishing Section 21 evictions will prevent them removing tenants who terrorist neighbours and, in the case of HMOs, fellow tenants through violent or intimidating behaviour.

Other measures within the plan include bigger fines for graffiti and littering, sprucing up green areas and parks, and re-opening empty shops.

Housing secretary Michael Gove says: "Anti-social behaviour erodes local pride, blights our high streets and parks and is a stain on too many communities across the country.

"We know that it is more likely to flourish in areas that have, for too long, been overlooked and undervalued."

No Explanation

“Plans to end ‘no explanation’ repossessions risk making it harder to tackle such behaviour,” says Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA).

“Whilst we will study the detail of the Government’s plans carefully, we welcome its commitment to strengthen the ability of landlords to evict unruly tenants.

“It follows extensive campaigning by the NRLA to ensure swift and effective action can be taken against those causing misery in their communities.

“The law must be on the side of the victims of anti-social behaviour and we are glad that the Government agrees.”

Polling by the NRLA found that half of landlords have at some point attempted to repossess a property because of a tenant's anti-social or criminal behaviour.

Of this group 84 per cent had received no help in tackling it from their local authority and 75 per cent had no assistance from the police in dealing with anti-social tenants, the NRLA says.

Commenting on his Government's new initiative, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says: "This action plan maps out how we will tackle this issue with the urgency it deserves and stamp out these crimes once and for all – so that wherever you live, you can feel safe in, and proud of your community."


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