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Basement flats are more secure than houses

Latest Research Suggests Basement Flats Are Safe As HousesBasement flats in West London have been found to be as secure from intruders as other types of apartments, according to research carried by Basement Flats, a newly-launched London publication.The magazine, which features news and information about lower ground floor flats in central London, has spoken to former police officers and burglars about basement living. Recently retired Metropolitan police officer, Calvin Beckford said, 'There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that basement flats are at greater risk of burglary than any other property type. It all boils down to putting the right security measures into place. 90% of the time burglars make a spontaneous decision to break in and enter.'�Ex offender, Bill, from the charity Bounce Back, which supports former convicts agrees. He said: 'Security in basement flats is very tight with many having more locks than other parts of a building. Flats on second and third floors reached by a communal door can arguably pose more of a risk for owners because a burglar has time to break a lock without being seen, whereas basements flats usually have their own access onto a street and their gardens and terraces are often overlooked.'�The specialist London estate agent Cutler & Bond (, which deals exclusively with lower ground floor flats, has welcomed the news. Managing Director, Tim Day, said: 'Police departments and insurance companies agree that as long as owners are diligent about installing reasonable security precautions, as you would for any property, then you are at no greater risk of being broken into.'Concerns about security have been a reason given by buyers to turn down the chance to buy a basement flat - but it would appear that their fears are unfounded. In fact, lower ground floor flats have many advantages, including direct access into a private outdoor space.'�Figures collated by Lonres, the business support body for estate agents in London, found the average price for a lower ground floor flat in SW7 during the last year was �1,030 per square foot. This represents a sharp increase of 13% on the previous year (June 2011 to June 2012), when the average price per square foot in SW7 was just �896.Tim Day continued, '�Over the last two years we have seen a significant increase in the number of buyers now considering lower ground floor properties. One factor driving this is the perception of improved security and that has resulted in rising prices. From June last year in SW7 the cost of lower ground floor properties has gone up by an average of 20% compared to two years ago. This is incredible and shows that sales of basement flats really are booming.'�1. For more information, please visit www.basementflats.com2. For further comment and interview opportunities: info@basementflats.com3. Basements flats is a newly launched free publication delivered to lower ground floor properties throughout west London.


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