A large new apartment development about to open its doors in London is the most recent to offer those buying or renting at the site the opportunity to live with their pets.

Network Homes’ Evolution development in Southall will offer residents the opportunity to bring their pets with them across the whole site, although its developer says that any four-legged friends will have to be vetted before they move in.

But sites like Evolution, and others in London including be:here Hayes, Black Horse Mills in Walthamstow and Duet at Salford Quays, are challenging perceptions that landlords and home builders are anti-pets.

They’re encouraging change in the private rented sector which is slowly becoming more pet-friendly, helped by the Government’s new model tenancy contract which has been changed to encourage landlords to take on more tenants with pets.

Pets bill

Also, the Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill currently going through Parliament aims to give tenants the right to live with their pet.

Lisa Ley, Network Homes’ head of sales and marketing (pictured), says that due to strict regulations, lack of space, or access to the outdoors, many apartment providers aren’t able to accommodate a four-legged friend.

She says that the opportunity to live in an apartment in London that permits domestic animals is “a rare luxury”.

Prices at Evolution start from £65,000 for a 25% share of a one-bedroom apartment priced at £260,000, the rest is owned by Network Homes and owners pay a subsidised rent along with their mortgage.


  1. Has anybody considered the sort of life a cat or dog will have in an apartment block with no outside space? No real animal lover would subject a pet to that sort of life.

    • That’s what I was thinking. And have you seen the price of a one bedroom flat? £260,000! They’ll need some sugar to sweeten that price – no wonder they’re allowing pets. Can you imagine the annoyance dogs stuck in a flat all day barking are going to cause the neighbours – upstairs, downstairs and either side?


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