Nearly 60% of landlords say they are less likely to use a letting agent during the next 12 months, a major industry poll of industry opinion has revealed.

Some 2,500 were quizzed by LandlordZONE sister company Hamilton Fraser, revealing that half don’t use an agent at all, a quarter use one to fully manage their tenancies and 15% used agents just to ‘find a tenant’ before then managing the tenancy themselves.

But 57% said they are less likely to use an agent in the coming 12 months with 27% undecided.

Eddie Hooker, Chief Executive of Hamilton Fraser, reckons the extra costs and additional taxes faced by many landlords in recently are driving more of them to use online self-management platforms such as Howsy and Rentr to run properties and tenancies.

“Like many industries there is an increasing shift to online trading and information more available now than ever before,” he says.

“Letting platforms with fixed fees and self-selecting services are more commonplace now than say, five years ago.  They have matured and are far more transparent than ever.

“Traditional high street lettings unfortunately are suffering from increasing costs which must be passed onto someone which in most cases is the landlord.

“Sites such as LandlordZONE provide detailed guidance and education in many cases, far more so than that which can be obtained from physical agents.”

Hamilton Fraser is parent company to Total Landlord Insurance, mydeposits, the Property Redress Scheme, Client Money Protect and Landlord Action.

Read advice on how to choose a letting agent.


  1. I wish I knew that Howsy was a “self management platform”… ha. They claim to be an online agent that does everything a high street agent does, but at a fraction of the price. They do not say they’re a self-management platform, but an online agent. Having been a customer of Howsy for 7 months, I can also inform everyone that they’re a fraction of the service. They reel you in with marketing and good sales patter, but the actual service is shockingly bad. You have to explain everything to some offshore call centre repeatedly, and nothing gets done. My property had a repair that needing attention, and nothing was done for ages, and finally, months later when it was done, they refused to pay the plumber, even though they had already taken money from me. When I did get through to their (India / Asian) call centre, one person actually told me “sorry, we’re under a lot of pressure here”. They’re an omni-shambles.

    I have properties that are with high street agents, and I also self manage using Open Rent. And either of those options are preferable to using a disorganised outfit like Howsy. ‘Lousy’ more like.

  2. When agents give good offers and are loyal with landlords obviously people fall in love! there are agencies like who offer GUARANTEED RENTS and more..
    Guaranteed Rental Income – Choose between 1-3 years
    No Void/Vacant Periods – We have a large list of tenants waiting
    More Free Time – We handle all the viewings and paperwork
    Stress-Free – We deal with all the tenant’s needs
    Big Savings – No commission or management fees to pay

    in this case why don’t landlords fall in love 🙂


  3. Completely agree with Toby! Lousy Howsy has been a nightmare to deal with. There is nothing special about them – they are simply terrible.

    Their ineptitude has resulted in us having tenants live at our property without a contract, tenant allowed to break a 12-month fixed term contract without our knowledge, tenants unable to move in because the person dealing with it at Howsy went on holiday and did not arrange their move-in (significant loss of rent), misguided and illegal advise, quotation for repair that are 3x the market value, the property was managed by the receptionist for months without our knowledge, need to be actively chased for every item of work that needs to be carried out.
    The previous person at Howsy who managed the property suddenly left without notice due to being sued for illegal practice and her work was not taken up by another staff member. This meant that the tenant that was leaving the property took full advantage and refused to pay rent. Howsy said they would chase but did nothing. The current person managing the property is worse – I looked up her previous experience is ‘fire-breather and hostess’ at some dodgy place.
    The tenants have given up on contacting them and have resorted to contact me directly which defeats the Howsy’s purpose. Yet that clown of a CEO boasts of how special his business model is.


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