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Every rental property owner has a duty of care to their tenants or guest – but what do they do in the event of a power cut?

Struggle around a property they don’t know very well to find candles or a torch, call up an out-of-hours emergency number to get some help?

A brand new, European-first product has been brought to the market that can solve this issue at little cost or hassle.

The Mr Beams ReadyBright system is simple emergency lighting kit that can be used in any property and ensures the apartment, house or villa is safely lit the moment a power cut occurs.

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Perfect for:

• Self-catering holiday lets of all kinds

• Properties rented in rural locations where power cuts are more frequent and there is no access to local amenities.

• Landlords with elderly tenants or tenants with large families and small children.

• Properties in countries that suffer from power cuts or power shortages.

• Holiday let owners that don’t live anywhere near their properties and deal with them remotely.

The ReadyBright has a base unit that plugs directly into any mains socket allowing it to instantly detect a power cut – this wirelessly sends a signal to all the other battery operated lights around the house which then illuminate.

The base unit also lights up so that it can be detached and used as a flashlight to carry around the house. The powerful flashlight can be switched on and used at any time.

The universal lights can illuminate up to eight steps and 15 feet of hallway whilst the ceiling satellite lights provide 150 square feet of bright coverage in any room.

The satellite lights can be installed anywhere in minutes with simple mounting brackets or double sided sticky tape.

The system is eco-friendly and cheap to run, using batteries which will provide 40 hours of light. It can be easily expanded to cover a larger area by adding more of the satellite lights to ceilings or walls anywhere. The ReadyBright is also available with European sockets.

The basic ReadyBright Pack costs £58.00, a larger pack to cover various rooms around a larger property costs £92.00 and includes three ceiling lights and three universal lights as well as the base unit with torch.

Mr Beams is an online company that specialises in the sale of motion activated battery powered LED lights. Developed in the USA the unique lights are sold for indoor and outdoor use, are easy to install with no wiring required – they are only activated when darkness and motion are both detected.

Other products in the range include the UltraBright spotlights, perfect for keeping outbuildings safe or as a security light for the front of the property and the Mr Beams pathway and garden lights that will light the way for your guests up paths to your property – only illuminating when they detect motion.

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Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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