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In the last 12 months, 17.6% of all references submitted to FCC Paragon were Foreign Nationals! 64.79% of these were applications from within the EU and or EEA member states.

There have been a total of 164 countries represented during this period, with 5% of these having appeared less than 50 times in references carried out by FCC Paragon.

The Home Office have announced that ‘Right to Rent’ checks will be the responsibility of all Private Landlords and their Letting Agent representatives from the 1st February 2016. This action forms part of a wider government scheme to make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to live and work in the UK.

Under ‘Right to Rent’ legislation, private Landlords are obliged to assess tenants regardless of nationality by appropriate ID. Once FCC Paragon are provided with the necessary documentation (Passports/Visa’s/Residency Permits – originals that have been taken as part of the identification process), they are able to check an applicant’s ‘right’ to reside, for those who originate from outside of the UK, EU and EEA member states.

FCC Paragon has been carrying out Foreign National Checks as part of the referencing package they offer their clients for many years.

The Referencing package provided by FCC Paragon includes indemnifying those letting properties against potential financial penalties at no extra cost*, as long as the tenant has completed the referencing process and met the required criteria for a full reference.

Many Agents and Landlords are still unaware that they need to assess all occupants whatever their Nationality, including UK citizens, and the status of an occupant, from a lodger to a full tenant.

Janie Gaston, Operations Director at FCC Paragon said, “The ‘Right to Rent’ checks were a natural progression for us, as we have been engaging the Home Office and UKBA for over 6 years now.
We have gained a wealth of experience in this field and as such are comfortable and confident that we can indemnify our Agents and Landlords who use our referencing service.”

Theresa May, who visited FCC Paragon HQ earlier this year said, “The measures embodied in the bill, including the requirement for Letting Agents or Landlords to check the status of migrant tenants, would mean “greater fairness to British citizens and legitimate migrants”.

[Graham Norwood – MPs vote for Right To Rent despite no results from pilot project – Letting Agent Today:]

Those responsible for letting properties not making the necessary checks could be fined up to £3,000 per tenant if found guilty of renting out a property to someone who is illegally living in the UK.

For more information on Foreign National Checks and Referencing packages provided by FCC Paragon, please call 0844 375 9601 or alternatively email

*Subject to full terms and conditions.

Article Courtesy of: FCC Paragon

Please Note: This Article is 7 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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