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If you are looking for a sophisticated system that can operate on multiple levels with a leading accounts engine then Decorus for Sage is a must!

Managing your lettings, blocks and estates efficiently with our purpose built software couldn’t be simpler! Suitable for residential, commercial and mixed portfolios Decorus for Sage is the ‘go to solution’ for those wanting more!

Premium property management software with a powerful accountancy package

When it comes to accountancy software Sage is the product of choice for the majority of accountants, more than 90% of them are familiar with the format.

Running a property management company is no different to any other business. Whatever platform you use to manage your portfolio you still need to prepare your financial data for your accountant.

Why waste time, money and resources doing this when Decorus can do it for you!

Sage 50 is the industry standard, the robust solution offers features that have been developed and perfected over the years. The true 2-way integration sees your financial data entered in Decorus feed into Sage, and vice-versa.

This doesn’t just eliminate double entry for your workload, it also provides users with the ability to manage the financial side of the business and portfolio using real-time data. This makes it easier to:

  • Monitor cash flow
  • Generate profit & loss reports against specific aspects of your portfolio
  • Forecast future costs & expenditure
  • Manage office & client accounts in 1 solution
  • Create budgets
  • Reduce bad debt

Generating invoices and statements can be done individually or in bulk as Decorus and Sage pull data from one-another and it is automatically recorded for your reference.

Organise your workload and benefit

Working in an organised environment is key to success in property management as a clear line of communication is required when liaising with multiple clients for your projects to run smoothly.

With efficiency playing a major role it is important that information is logged in a system which is user-friendly and easy-to-access. Our CRM is great for housing your data related to properties, clients & contacts, this helps you communicate clearly with colleagues and clients. The office diary, which links to MS Outlook is ideal for booking meetings and arranging viewings.

User-defined views, fields and filters offer flexibility for specific results whilst every communication is automatically audited in an easy-to-view timeline.

Finding tenants with Decorus

Improving the ROI on your portfolio should be a priority. Using the real-time data from Sage to generate profit & loss reports highlights the areas where improvements can be made.

This information and the marketing tools can maximise your revenue opportunities for both the immediate and the future with little work required. This includes the portal upload, property matching and brochure templates. All of these tools use data already inputted in the CRM, saving time whilst increasing revenue.

Property Management on another level

One of Decorus’ most note-worthy features is its ability to simplify the most challenging aspects in block and estate management and please all the parties involved.

This is achieved by streamlining the processes and consolidating administrative tasks. The time saved can be used to provide a service which your competitors can’t and build relations with contractors, this will reflect well when creating service charge budgets for the occupants.

When you use Decorus to its full potential you will be able to plan, budget and monitor maintenance and projects cost-effectively. Ground rent collection might seem like a lot of hard work with little reward but with an automated systems in place those small payments add up.

Adding value to your portfolio

Property management is more than just rent collection. The assets in your portfolio, when managed professionally are an investment that can bring in revenue for many years.

Asset management is becoming a sort-after service, with Decorus you have the ability to track, monitor and maintain, sometimes increase their value.

Decorus Live

Our browser based add-on portal will allow landlord, tenants, contractors and users to login and view statements, documents, inspections etc as well as the ability to log and update work orders.

Decorus has been developed with years of experience in property management software. This wealth of knowledge has allowed the solution to become a system that its users can fully benefit from.

If you are wanting improvements for your business in 2017 visit or call 0114 2307305 to book an online demonstration based on your requirements.

Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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