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What heating system should you use in your property? It’s one of the most important questions to ask when letting a property for the first time, with whatever system you choose carrying implications for the efficiency of the house, its desirability for tenants and the potential profitability of your venture.

Traditionally the decision has always boiled down to a choice between high maintenance gas central heating and old-fashioned electric storage heaters. However, electric heating today has evolved – offering a third option in the shape of stylish and intelligent electric radiators.

Electric radiators offer all the easy installation and trouble-free maintenance of storage heaters with the efficient heat distribution and economical running costs of gas central heating. Safe, reliable and stylish, electric radiators are also fully controllable – and the more sophisticated the radiators you choose, the easier it becomes to minimise your energy usage.

SmartWave Self-Learning Radiators

If you want to equip your property with the most sophisticated electric radiators around, look no further than the Haverland SmartWave. Representing the pinnacle of electric heating innovation, the SmartWave features a stylish design, energy efficient heating elements and high precision electronics.

But what makes the SmartWave really special is its unique ability to learn. Not only is the SmartWave fully programmable – it can also learn your tenants’ weekly routine and adapt a heating programme to suit. Now you don’t need to rely on your tenants reading the instruction manual to make the most out of their heating – the SmartWave will do it for them!

SmartWave electric radiators use an infrared sensor to monitor movement in the room and learn your tenants’ weekly routine. It will then switch itself on automatically to provide heat at the times when your tenants are usually in the house.

The motion sensor operates constantly, allowing the radiator to adapt to changes in your tenants’ routine. If your tenants are unexpectedly out of the house, the radiators will switch off after 30 minutes to conserve energy. If your tenants arrive home earlier than expected, the radiators will sense their arrival and switch on immediately, providing comfort temperatures in minutes.

Every radiator in the house will learn and operate its own heating schedule to ensure your tenants’ energy savings are maximised. Perhaps they only spend time in the study between 9 and 5:30? The SmartWave in the study will switch itself off when your tenants have finished work. Maybe your tenants only use the dining room between 7 and 9 in the evening? The SmartWave in the dining room will not cost your tenants a penny between 9pm and 6:30pm.

The SmartWave also stands out from the crowd with its Wifi control facilities; if you install the radiators with a SmartBox, they can be controlled over the internet.

If your tenants want more control over their heating they can take advantage of the radiators’ Wifi connection and make changes to their heating programme using a laptop, tablet or phone. All they have to do is download the intuitive Haverland heating app which will allow them to check the temperature at home, change heating programmes and switch any radiator off or on – even when they’re away from the house.

The SmartWave’s Wifi controllability can also be directly useful to you as a landlord, allowing you to monitor temperatures in your property and make any necessary adjustments when your tenants are away.

The Haverland SmartWave offers an intelligent heating solution that will allow you to forget gas central heating and storage heaters once and for all. Your tenants will enjoy effective and adaptable comfort heating that keeps them warm and saves energy with no effort required. You the landlord will appreciate the small installation costs, the minimal maintenance and, of course, the added property value that comes from using one of the world’s most advanced electric heating systems.

Electric Radiators Direct

Electric Radiators Direct specialise in affordable heating products that use cutting edge technology to help you reduce your heating costs. The company champion electric radiators as a safe and efficient heating solution that gives you unprecedented control over your energy usage. From their base in beautiful Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, the company have sought out deals with leading European manufacturers to bring the most advanced electric radiators to the UK at market leading prices.

The Haverland SmartWave is the newest and most exciting addition to the company’s diverse heating range. Electric Radiators Direct are proud to be sole UK distributors of the SmartWave, which is currently the only electric radiator on the UK market which boasts self-learning facilities.

To learn more about the Haverland SmartWave and its many benefits for owners of rental properties, head to Electric Radiators Direct for expert heating advice, genuine customer feedback and a free quotation.

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Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. > Electric radiators offer … economical running costs of gas central heating.
    Hah, pull the other one, it\’s got bells on. Unless they know of suppliers where there isn\’t something in the order of a 4-1 different in cost between gas and lecky then this is just marketing bovine manure.

    Now, I suspect they are basing their comparison on badly specced gas systems, with poor controls, and badly set up. But I guess telling the truth that a gas system could be \”fixed\” just as cheaply and offer lower ongoing bills wouldn\’t suit their marketing !

    >with… a SmartBox, they can be controlled over the internet
    I wonder if they\’d paid even lip service to security here ? Report after report keeps coming up with \”IoT things are insecure by design\” – and not just cheap tat either, some expensive stuff from names you\’d expect to know better also features in these reports.

    What I do know is that most people don\’t really care, and mostly just don\’t understand even basic controls. So adding \”pretty pictures\” on a smart phone isn\’t going to help. The self learning might well be a good one though – if it works.

    Worth a look at OpenTRV. They are basically trying to do the same for existing heating systems with a low cost self learning thermostatic radiator valve. The basic premise is a new head for existing valves, plus an interface to the boiler – and the initial target is retrofit in situations like social housing. Optional is an internet bridge which would allow landlords to see what the system is doing – or tinkerers like myself to fiddle 🙂
    But from the user\’s perspective, they just have a TRV that they adjust to the temperature they like – the valve does the rest (occupancy detection etc).
    I believe they have got to the stage of an initial manufacturing run out on field trials.

    Also bear in mind that I was at a landlord\’s forum at a local council where it was stated that electric heating and/or single glazing will get you a poor EPC – poor enough to prevent the property being rented under the upcoming rules. Given how little attention to detail assessors are claimed to make, I can\’t see these getting anything but a bad rating.


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