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A home is more than a construct of cement, wood and wire. It is even more than a place for us to live, eat and sleep in. A home represents our personal area, our past our present, our families and our accomplishments. There is some deep inert need to find a safe and secure place to spend our days but unfortunately for one reason or another our homes may occasionally be subject to invasion.

Generally speaking, the UK is a pretty safe place to live. In fact, it’s getting safer. Even during economic times that should see crime, according to models, be on the rise. 8.9 million crimes were reported in 2011/12, down from 9.6 million in 2010/11. Property crime is predicted to rise in times of economic strife but this simply hasn’t been the case, much to the confusion of criminologists and experts. Nobody is really sure what the main reason for the decline is but it would be folly to assume that crime is no longer a problem.

Although crime has fallen this doesn’t mean we can forget about taking measures to ensuring our properties are safe and secure during both day and night. After All, in 3 out of 10 burglaries thieves do not have to use force to enter a property. They get in through an open door or window. Listed below are some prevention methods to make it all the more unlikely that you will suffer a property crime:

Locking Doors

Perhaps the most obvious point on the list but equally the most important. Some people may forget to lock all doors to their house, not just the front door. The type and amount of locks on a door is also important. An external door should ideally have 3 locking points. A mortice lock adds considerable strength to a door and deadlocks make it harder for thieves to get out once in.

Spare Keys

A massively risky thing to do yet commonly done by thousands of people every day. Leaving keys in a secret hiding place under a rock or even in a garage or shed makes it very easy for a potential thief to enter your property. If you must leave a spare key in a garage or shed ensure that they locked and consider installing an alarm.

Home Alarms

A home alarm may seem like a drastic measure to secure your home but they do provide great peace of mind. Installing an alarm may incur a few costs but the security it will provide will pay dividends. If you do install an alarm ensure that is always on and that there are warnings of the alarm visible to potential burglars.


Automatic lights are a very effective deterrent to would-be burglars as they tend to stay away from well lit areas. Ensure recessed areas have adequate lighting and that this lighting doesn’t disturb your neighbours. Lights can be fitted with both sensors and timers to increase their effectiveness. Timers can be set so that the lights come on if you are away for a night, while sensors will instantly illuminate an area where motion is detected.

Both student and rented housing can come under particular threat from property crime. Student houses are known by thieves to hold a number of valuable items inside. As a landlord it is your responsibility to ensure that the home you are providing is deemed secure. If you are sceptical of implementing changes remember that it will be cheaper to install prevention methods than to deal with the consequences of a crime. Remember to ensure that you have the proper planning permission from the council before making any changes.

Of course, a property can never be completely secure from unwanted visitors but choosing to implement one or all of the above will significantly lower the chances.

Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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