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Repairs, maintenance and sometimes improvements can be a real source of problems between landlords and tenants in rental properties. Many of these problems can easily be avoided if: The letting agreement spells out ALL the issues The tenant is able to easily contact the landlord (or her agent) when necessary, particularly...


Legionnaires Disease (LD), Legionella, Legonella Bacterium, Legionellosis, Pontiac Fever. Legionella bacteria can be found in almost all water systems - is your property or establishment covered? It is disappointing that experts on the radio & television concentrate their attention on air cooling systems, air-conditioning...


Dampness Buildings of all types and ages will probably suffer, at some time in their lifetimes, from one or several common problems: Dampness Condensation Fungal Decay - wet and dry rot Insect attack Subsidence Most of these problems stem from lack of adequate and timely maintenance and repair work. Something as simple...