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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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EXCLUSIVE: Tracking of official lockdown data reveals evictions ‘tsunami’ yet to...

DATA sourced from official documents for LandlordZONE shows that the number of new possession cases started so far during lockdown by landlords...

Free webinar: Join rental market experts to get your questions answered

Seasoned players from the evictions, lettings and mortgage sectors are coming together online at 11am tomorrow to answer your queries and debate the big issues of the day.

Exclusive: Landlords told eviction pre-action protocols will require tenants’ mental health...

Government announcement is expected imminently on new rules to be followed before landlords start possession proceedings against tenants.

BREAKING: Challenge to government’s evictions ban fails in Court of Appeal

Three judges dismiss attempt to restart repossessions within the court system which, via several technical points, had argued that the ban...

EXCLUSIVE: Government makes Section 21 evictions more difficult

A quietly-introduced change to the form landlords must fill in before accelerated possession proceedings can move forward means the time and...

REVEALED: 5,700 evictions sitting in limbo following ban, EXCLUSIVE analysis estimates

True extent of problems caused by government's sudden evictions ban are uncovered by the analysis, which reveals how thousands of landlords...

Evictions to take months longer after Coronavirus crisis ends

Legal expert warns landlords that the eviction process faces a perfect storm after the pandemic ends, and to prepaer now rather than...