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What happens if someone other than the tenant pays the deposit?

Tenancy Deposits: According to TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) less than 1% (0.85%) of tenancies they handle have resulted in a deposit dispute in the year...

Section 21 Notice and Deposit Protection rules

Validity of Section 21 Notice: Amak Property Investments v Laura Sonny This case was an appeal by the tenant following a county court judgement...

Is rent in advance a deposit?

Advance Rent: Piggot v Slaven and Johnson v. Old There are two important cases which clarify (though not necessarily decisively) the position on landlords accepting...

Are you liable for a multiple deposit fine?

Tenancy Deposit Fines: The deposit protection rules introduced in April 2007 have proved to be something on a minefield for landlords and letting agents. One...

Tenancy Deposit Protection

Deposit Rules: Landlords are still being caught out with the tenant deposit protection rules, despite the fact that the rules on protecting tenancy deposits have...

Tenancy Deposit Documentation

What do I need to do when I protect my tenant/s deposit? If you take a deposit from your tenant/s you MUST protect the deposit...

New Tenancy Deposit Rules

LandlordZONE® Briefing (LZ001) April 2015 After 6th April 2007 all security deposits taken by landlords must be protected in one of the approved Government Tenancy...