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BREAKING: NRLA launches pilot redress scheme for landlords and tenants

The NRLA has launched a pilot redress scheme for landlords and tenant ahead of the government’s recent announcement that it intends to...

30% of serious complaints about landlords involve deposits, says claims firm

Almost a third of the most serious tenant complaints about landlords relate to deposit misuse, according to an online claims management firm.

Covid disputes: 13,132 rental deposits led to problems, reveals housing minister

Latest figures from the government show that only 0.3% of all tenancies in England and Wales led to a rental deposit dispute...

Former TDS boss joins Hamilton Fraser to head up new landlord...

Former Director of Dispute Resolution for TDS, Mike Morgan, has joined Hamilton Fraser as its Legal Division Manager, heading up the organisation’s...

Tenancy Deposits

Remember the Rules: Tenancy deposits were introduced in April 2007 under the Housing Act 2004. The legislation was so badly drafted at the time that...

New Guide to Ending Tenancies

New TDS Tenancy Guide: The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) has just launched its timely new guide for agents, landlords and tenants on how to set-up...

Importance of Protecting Deposits

Protecting a tenancy deposit within 30 days of taking it is now a crucial part of letting; otherwise you could be stuck with a...